Digital ambassadors across Europe


Digitalisation, robotisation, mobility, individualisation are some of the megatrends which will change our environment and life within the next decades. In our aim to use digital tools in a smart way we though it might be wise to use the joint understanding and experience of our European partners instead of trying to solve all questions we have in the implementation on our own. Therefore, representatives of five VET providers (including Jyväskylä Educational Consortium) and JAMK teacher training college joined forces for two days to discuss cooperation in the field of digitalisation of learning and teaching.

One of oldest partners of Jyväskylä Educational Consortium, IBJ network in Wilhelmshaven – Jever area, hosted the meeting and the other participants came from St. Gallen (CH), IES Puerta Bonita (ES), Aarhus Tech (DK), Horizon College (NL) and JAMK (FI).

All colleges agreed that there is a genuine need for non-traditional, more informal training and support for adopting the use of digital tools within the different staff groups. All colleges  have also either already appointed, or are planning to appoint, digital ambassadors (or eTutors as we call them) which is a peer-mentoring system for e.g. teachers to guide and help them to realize digital education with their learners. Secondly there is increased need for strategic tools or guidelines to help decide which instruments and investments are relevant and most cost-effective in VET.

After two very intensive days with lots of good discussion on the needs of the participating colleges the conclusion was that in the bigger picture the needs of the colleges are more or less the same. As the colleges are at different stages in development and adoption of digitalisation finding the suitable areas for cooperation was perhaps a bit trickier than expected and instead of a clear project plan the participants returned home with a bit of homework. The discussion will continue online and the next big step is to identify the potential coordinator for the project and start discussions with the relevant NA on the potential outcomes of the project.


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