Gradia at Swiss Conference of Directors of Vocational Schools (SCD)

Gradia’s internationalisation strategy, EMEU network and EfVET, both of which Gradia is a member, provided the topics for the key note speeches at this years Swiss VET directors conference in Olten, Switzerland on 16 January 2020.

The forum of the Swiss directors focused on the promotion of exchange and mobility and the role that vocational schools can play. Statistics showed the actual situation regarding activities around exchange and mobility at vocational schools to be less than desired. This allowed for a provisional appraisal of implementation of the vision of the federal government and cantons: that vision is for all young people to have a mobility experience during their initial and continuing education and training. From 2014-2019, vocational schools belonging to the SCD submitted between 30 and 50 % of all applications per call. Movetia, the Swiss NA, constructed an outlook for the future with regard to national, European and international mobility and cooperation. The Swiss perspectives were broadened, additionally, by the inputs regarding mobility and cooperation activities of the international guests from Finland, the Netherlands and Italy.

Gradia’s intervention dealt mainly with indicators for successful internationalisation strategies such as linking all activities to the general strategy and building strong, sustainable networks locally, regionally as well as on European and international level. In addition, a simple three-step process was suggested for all participating colleges for creating their own strategies for their own needs.

In addition to lively discussions and group work, Daniel Kehl, Director of GBS St. Gallen, one of the oldest partners of the predecessor to Gradia Jyväskylä, presented the ABC of internationalisation now available on the Movetia website:


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