Visitor from Austria

Earlier this autumn we had the pleasure of hosting Hilde Kletzl from the technical college HTBLuVA Salzburg. Her aim was to explore possibilities for cooperation for both vocational education as well as teacher training.

What was new?

I learned more about the Finnish School system and I could see many partnerships already being in place in Finland. I also learned about the shortcomings of our Austrian system by comparing it to the Finnish and I saw what could be possible with more flexibility and more resources.

 What surprised you?

I was surprised by the extremely high standards of the Finnish school system and that their educational system also offers a similar vocational track that the Austrian system offers.

 What will you do?

I will show a part of Finnish best practice examples to Austrian colleagues when we meet next time for a conference. I am sure many teachers will find interesting information about how international partnerships can work when I inform them about Gradia. I also hope that we will be able to take the first steps towards a partnership this upcoming year.

The next step will be to start mobility in the field of electrical engineering.  We’re looking forward to closer cooperation in the coming months and years!

More information: Rea Tuominen (at)



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