EMEU learns to fly

EMEU – Engineering mobility in Europe KA2 project final report has been approved with distinction by the Dutch National Agency. EMEU was given a high score of 88/100 . 

The evaluators stated that the final report, products and outputs of the EMEU project demonstrate that the original objectives of the project were met and the project did even more and better than indicated in the application. The learning outcomes and innovative impact for participants’ staff are significant and relevant. Capacities for good quality and attractive mobility opportunities for students , developing study modules and applying ECVET principles have been strongly reinforced by the project. All participating organisations increased and widened their international scope.

The feedback further mentions that partners were selected carefully and contributed according to specific expertise. Altogether partners brought a wide variety of expertise and educational fields and all were involved in developing the study modules according to ECVET principles.

With regard to ECVET, the project’s final step in the process – validation and recognition – was the focus during the last year of the project.  The final evaluation recognizes that  this step is usually the most complicated and challenging one as reflected in the ECVET manual published on the EMEU website. In some cases the learning outcomes assessed at the hosting institute have been validated and recognized fully at the home insitute, in others only to some extent depending on the national systems. It further states that EMEU’s experience and practise in ECVET concepts on this wide scale is highly valuable for further implementing ECVET in Europe.”

The EMEU project created a sustainable network for various sectors in technology and it’s flight  continues in the new EMEU4ALL project where the concept is transferred to e.g. social and health care and hospitality sectors.

More information visit  http://em-eu.eu/

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