Visitors from Vision West Nottinghamshire


Jyväskylä College had the pleasure of hosting 5 educational experts from Vision West Nottinghamshire (UK)  for two very intensive days 14-15 February 2016. The cooperation begun in the autumn term 2016 when Jyväskylä College sent 6 students for their on-the-job learning period to Mansfield where the college is located.

The aim of the visit to Jyväskylä was on one hand to plan the student exchanges from UK to Jyväskylä later in the spring but also to discuss various areas of common interest. The visitors and their specific areas of interest were the following:

Alex Norbury – Programme Lead for Business Studies.

How enterprise is currently run and developed at the college, How are students supported through enterprise activities particularly running their own business i.e. funding and time remission, How are soft skills developed i.e. decision making, organisation and initiative and How the blended curriculum offer is delivered i.e. a blend of vocational and academic.

Davina Mouj – Programme Lead for Child Care

If possible would like to visit settings that support children in the following age ranges 0-2, 2-3 & 3-5 years, Management of transitions of children, Support for children who have been identified as having an additional need, Frameworks that the Early Years are required to work to,  Observation, assessment and recording of children’s learning and development, The programme of study that the students follow and Management of the student’s work placements.

Vandana Sharma – Study Skills Coach

Blended learning, Virtual learning environment which you use and how, How you use information technology in your teaching and Basically how technology enhances the learning experience of the students.

 Nikki Slack – Head of School for Hair, Beauty, Catering & Hospitality and Travel & Helen Wilcockson – Area Manager for Catering & Hospitality and Travel.

They were both especially interested in looking around our salons and the learning kitchens/restaurants where 8 learners from their college will spend their placements in spring and do Risk Assessment paperwork. They were also very interested in our in students’ mini companies.

Why did you choose to come to Finland and to Jyväskylä College?

To learn about the Finnish Education System and the Entrepreneurship Scheme which is the best in Finland.

What did you see and do?

We have had a tour of various campus’ (four in total). We have met a number of students and staff and had a tour of the city which was hosted by the Tourism students (who were extremely knowledgeable and hospitable. They used their English language skills exceptionally well.

What did you learn?

  • How to improve current Entrepreneurship Schemes.
  • E-learning tools.
  • The programme of study for Health and Social Care.
  • The workings of a Day Care Centre.
  • How the students self evaluate themselves (working in the triangle of tutor, mentor and student)
  • We have learnt a few words in the Finnish language.

What kind of impact the visit will have on you personally or on your team/ organisation? (short/medium/long term)

  • Create a stronger partnership between both colleges
  • Install some of the effective practices that we have observed into our own areas.

The next steps in this cooperation have been already planned and there will be more student and staff mobilities taking place already before the end of this academic year. The cooperation is off to a good start  and the next academic year will hopefully bring more good things.

Huge thanks also to all the hosts who participated in the visit!

More information Rea Tuominen, International Coordinator


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