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Kick off meeting in Newtonabbey, NI 

Enterprise is VITAL is a 3-year KA2 project coordinated by Norther Regional College from Norther Ireland. The kick off meeting was held 16-17 January 2017 at NRC Newtonabbey campus. Enterprise is VITAL is a network of colleges that have a desire to increase entrepreneurial activity. Project partners seek to increase their capacity to operate transnationally through the sharing of ideas, practices and methods. The partners are 4 colleges NRC (NI), IES La Senia (ES), AEVA (PT) and Jyväskylä College (FI) and 2 business partners APIP from Spain and Ballymena Business Centre from NI. Jyväskylä College was represented at the meeting by Niina Helin and Rea Tuominen

During the project the network will create Enterprise Clubs, train management and teachers, arrange mobility activities for learners including entrepreneurship competitions and produce a Best Practice Guide, a ‘How to’ Resource Pack for VET providers.


More information: Niina Helin, Entrepreneurship Manager and Rea Tuominen, International Coordinator


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