De prácticas en Finlandia

Hi, what’s your name and how old are you?
 – My name is Toni and I’m 26 years old.
Where are you from?
– I’m from the island of  Menorca, Spain
What do you study?
– I studied a course in air conditioning and refrigeration systems.
What have you been doing in Jyväskylä?
– I did my practical training in airconditioning and ventilation at a work site in Laukka.
How long have you stayed in Jyväskylä?
– One month.
Do you think the time has been too short (why?), too long (why?), just perfect?
– One month is short. When you are in a new (work) place for just one month it is only enough time to learn basics of everything and to adapt to the new place.
How did you prepare for the stay/exchange to Finland?
– I took a course in English and looked for information about Finland.
What have you learned during your stay?
– I saw how work is done outside Spain, learned to work with lines and learned to live in a foreign country.
Give three (3) tops and tips (based on your own experience) to someone who is planning to come to Jyväskylä:
– Watch a game of ice hockey.
– Try the food (very different from the Spanish)-
– Visit each of the beautiful places that this country has.
Kiinnostuitko? Lisätietoa talotekniikan alan työssäoppimismahdollisuuksista antavat kv-koordinaattori Milka Niskanen ja ko. alan kv-yhteysopettaja Timo Toivanen.
Toni ja sandra


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