Joost from Heerhugoward



Who are you and where are you from?  My name is Joost Van Unnik. I am one of four  students  who came here from the Netherlands. We are from two different schools (Horizon College in Heerhugoward and Rijn Ijssell in Arnhem).

What are you studying?  Furniture making and  interior building for boats.

What have you been doing in Jyväskylä? We have been studying in Petäjävesi and our main subjects have been wood turning and wood carving, but we also have been working at a small sawmill somewhere in the forest near to Petäjävesi. At the moment I am working in a small company named “Kalustehoitola”  and restoring old furniture. In our free time we have been visiting many museums and we also went to drive  carting cars.

 How long have you stayed in Jyväskylä? Three weeks at the school in Petäjävesi and three weeks working in the company.

 Do you think the time has been too short (why?), too long (why?) I would have liked to stay five weeks and five weeks, I just got to know all this people and now it already stops again, but it has been very nice anyhow.

 What have you learned during your stay? I have learned the basics of wood turning and carving, that was the first time of turning wood for me. At the company I learned to spray paint and how to remove paint from furniture. I learned how to survive in a other country and I will try to go abroad next year again if I will get a chance to do so.

Give three tops and tips (based on your own experience) to someone who is planning to come to Jyväskylä:

1. I would have liked to do ice fishing here in Finland but I came too late for that, it must be wonderful to experience the cold winter.

2. Sauna, we have been to sauna many times and we liked it very much.

3. The museums and the carting center!

Joost and the other three exchange students participated in a module created during a KA2 project called EMEU. More about EMEU here:



Information about student mobility in the cabinetmaking sector: Manu Semann

General information about student mobility: Milka Niskanen

More information about KA2 and othe projects: Rea Tuominen




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