What Are Good Presentations Made Of?




On Wednesday we met Veronica who led us to the wonderful world of making presentations. First, she introduced Coggle to us, a Google-tool that one can make some graphical (mindmap-like) presentations. This was just a brief introduction, since not everyone had (or wanted to use) a Google account.

But, what then makes a good presentation, e.g. in Powerpoint? I memorised some rules:

  • No more than 3 different font sizes,
  • No more than 3 different colours,
  • Make sure your graphs and charts tell the right thing and make sure you use them properly,
  • Use a sans sherif -font, like Arial (and not Times New Roman),
  • Avoid using time consuming transitions (animations),
  • Better not to use automatic timing,
  • Avoid wasting space on the obvious, like telling to click here or there when you can just add a hyperlink right into the text,
  • Always save the best for last (i.e. the most important thing).

Once we had learned all that, we practised making a Prezi-presentation and talked a little about Powtoon, a cartoonlike animated video. We also looked at word clouds in Word It Out. Genial.ly was something that I had not heard of before. In it you can add symbols to pictures. Then you can assign a function to that symbol, like opening a website or playing a video. Sounds and looks good, worth trying.