Back to Finland!

Hi! This week we have been at work three days, Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Wednesday was reformation day (religious holiday selebrated on 31.10 along side halloween’s Eve). And also Thursday was work free day because it was day of remembrance of the dead. on Tuesday we had a evaluation and that went very well. On Tuesday we saw our contact person Irena for the last time here and we talked about our time here and we gave her a votive, desinged by Alvar Aalto.  On Wednesday we went to the Italian side to Gorizia. We visited Castello Di Gorizia, it’s old castle of Gorizia. It was really beautiful. We walked to the castle trough a nature trail. On Thursday we didn’t do nothing. The day was really rainy and all the shops were closed. Friday was our last day at work. We said goodbyes to our co-workers and they gave both of us one 1kg chocolate. On Wednesday weather was really good and sunny, but other days has been really rainy and windy. On Saturday we packed and we made check-in for our flights. We cleaned the room. On Sunday  we packed the rest of our things and we left our room clean. We left to dormitory at 12:30 and that was the start of our trip back to finland. First we went by car to Venice airport. We flew from Venice to Germany. In Germany we waited for the next flight for about four hours. After that we flight to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.