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Final report from Poland

So it was pretty awesome 8 weeks in Wroclaw,Poland. I did work at kuehne&nagels warehouse. Before i did leave we had so much to do, go to this class about exchange, book flights and make sure we don´t fall behind the others in our class. I did pack packets and collect stuff from the selves. (kuehne&nagel poland is one of the biggest warehouses of bosch) at our workplace we had our own guide who told us everything we needed to know.  We did stay in touch with school by whatsapp and by phone. I did learn little bit Poland and my english got better. I did grow as a person so much cause in here Finland i did live whit my parents and they help me when i need it but in there i have to solve every problem myself and i learn to be more independent. In professional way i learn how to evaluate weight and capacity. So it was awesome experience and i would do it all again.

Loves Iida

2 weeks left

In past two weeks we have done nothing special. We have just chilled in our homes and been in work. Our normal day in work starts at 7am, so we have to wake up little bit before 6am that we can make ourselves to our buses. In work we usually pick up orders from shelves and sometimes after our lunch break or our second break we go to pack those orders to different kind of cardboard boxes. Here is again some pictures from past two weeks.


Halfway thru

The time is running too fast only 4 weeks anymore. Almost basic week except that Wednesday to Friday we had these finnishboys at work whit us. We teached them how to pick items from the selves. I had much fun whit them i think that santeri had too.  On friday there was our friends 20 b-day party and it was lots of fun except i broke my phone xD.  On saturday we had this finnish night whit other finnish people. And on sunday we did just sleep and i eat the best pizza i have ever eaten. It has been super hot here almost every day +20 degrees.

Almost halfway

In this week we worked all week from Monday to Friday. On Friday we met some other exchange students from Finland. On Saturday we went to Japanese Garden and it was beautiful, later some pictures about it. Sunday we just chilled and showed some city to other Finnish exchange students because they didn´t know almost nothing about wroclaw. So here is some pictures from our past week.

First week at work

On monday we weren´t working because it was a easter holiday. On tuesday it was hard to wake up because of the long holiday our workdays start at 7am so we have to wake up before 6. At work we were collecting staff for the leaving orders. We got out from work at 1pm because we worked too fast. From tuesday to thursday it was like that and on friday we were checking leaving orders. On friday we had this party because one of the guys from our ” Hallera family” left Poland. On saturday we were checking out more of the city and found many beautiful places. Sunday we were just chilling and sleeping.

Our first week

So we came to Poland on Saturday and we had Sunday free. We decided with Iida to go watch some places in center of Wroclaw. We were quite excited about these upcoming 2 months. The first week we just mostly chilled and on friday was our first day at work. It was exciting and funny. Here is few pictures about our first week.


On the move


We should have written this days ago but here we go. So our trip started Saturday at 2pm, from Helsinki. We were exited and little bit scared when the plane started moving. I gave Santeri a new nickname “vaappuvakana” because he was so scared that he waddle like a chicken in the plane. The flight to Frankfurt lasted 2 hours and 40min. In Frankfurt we switched to another plane and that flight lasted 1h and 15min. In Wroclaw taxi driver picked us up from the airport. We were little bit surprised at the way people drive here, it was so scary. The tutor showed us our flats and the city. Santeri`s flat is so cool it`s like IKEA heaven. Santeri is living with three Spanish guys and one French guy. My flat is not as nice but it is bigger. I live with 13people. One is Finnish and the twelve others are Spanish.