Final report from Poland

So it was pretty awesome 8 weeks in Wroclaw,Poland. I did work at kuehne&nagels warehouse. Before i did leave we had so much to do, go to this class about exchange, book flights and make sure we don´t fall behind the others in our class. I did pack packets and collect stuff from the selves. (kuehne&nagel poland is one of the biggest warehouses of bosch) at our workplace we had our own guide who told us everything we needed to know.  We did stay in touch with school by whatsapp and by phone. I did learn little bit Poland and my english got better. I did grow as a person so much cause in here Finland i did live whit my parents and they help me when i need it but in there i have to solve every problem myself and i learn to be more independent. In professional way i learn how to evaluate weight and capacity. So it was awesome experience and i would do it all again.

Loves Iida