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Many things have happened


So our school in here is over. Thank you to all students and teachers who were with us and taught new things to us <3  We went to the beach to swim and play some volley with students and it was SO fun 😛 We will miss you guys!

And we started working wednesday at Forestal Park (It was my birthday too hahah). I’m very afraid of highs and I was thinking that if this was a bad idea, but I think I’m doing well 😀 I won myself and climped up and it wasn’t so bad 😛 We still have to learn many new things, but I think that we will learn fast 🙂 Workers at Forestal Park are so nice to us <3

Another day we went to the beach with Sanna and Katja and we had a great day <3 Evening we went to watch sunset and it was SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

Aaaaaand we have been shopping, chilling and eating……and been lost a couple of times, but we have always found our way to home 😀

I really love this place and I’m happy that I came here <3 Sorry mom, but I think I’m not coming home 😛

So that’s all for now. Good night everyone!


Our first week in Spain!


The first week is behind and time has gone really fast in here.
We have come to know a lot of a new people and new places!


Last week and this week we’re in school and next week we start to work in Forestal Park.


Last friday Nela showed a Palma for us with Sanna and Katja. We went to a lot of places and visited two churches.

Last weekend we didn’t have any special plans, so we went to the beach.

Have a good week everybody! <3



Our first day in Spain!!

So…our buss left from Jyväskylä to Helsinki at 2:00 am. We were VERY tired, but at the same time very excited 😛

When we arrived at the airport I was a little bit nervous, because it was going to be my first time flying :O Aino was little bit nervous too, but fortunately she has flyed before, so we were’nt so lost at the airport 😛

But when our plane was in the air, I relaxed. It was SO cool and beautiful <3 We loved every second.

4 hours later we arrived at Palma’s airport. We already love this city. It’s so warm and beautiful in here <3 (When at the same time in Finland is snowing hahahah) People are so nice and friendly 🙂 I think we will stay in here forever 😛

But now we are going to sleep 🙂 Good night everyone <3 It was a very nice day today!


Hi, how are you?

…Is a rhetorical question. Unless when it isn’t. You’ll get the hang of it.

At work Sofia has planned activities for arts and crafts group and organized all the art supplies. The other group she has been working with is a democratic youth club. Her work mostly has been consisting of observing youngsters planning for an event where they will invite students from other schools.

I on the other hand have been busy with lots of different groups in Tuam. We have Syrian refugee families, junior clubs, senior clubs and many more. The group I have spent the most time with so far has been Tuam Comhairle na nÓg, which is Irish for youth council. They had an area event last week. There were about 50 young people taking part in it, busy day. I also went to their regional meeting to Galway on my first weekend here. Great bunch of youngsters.

Our new bff.

Last Saturday we got the opportunity to be judges in a talent show organized by Youth Work Ireland, Galway. Amazing acts were seen on that day, people here are so talented. After that we went to see Beauty and the Beast! Flipping amazing movie!

Two weeks went by flying. We have spent our weekends together in Galway and Tuam. Also, there is no working on Fridays, which is cool with us. And on Thursday we will begin Easter break and it will last about two weeks. We shall keep you updated … every now and then. Don’t expect too much.

Love from Ireland!
Juulia and Sofia

PS. Pictures coming in 3..2…1 HERE

And so it begins…

Monday, March 20th. The day is finally here. We have been waiting for this for what feels like forever.
Our flight to Dublin left at 7:50 am, which by the way meant waking up at 5 am for me and around 3 am for Sofia. We arrived to Dublin at 9:05 local time (11:05 in Finland) and we were meant to take busses which left 40 minutes. So… getting out of the plane and going through passport check took 20 minutes. At that point we had the other 20 minutes left but we had no luggage and both of us were starving. I hope someone would’ve taken a video of us running around the airport to get our luggage and buy sandwiches, that had to look hilarious. I mean, our luggage were as big as us and well, it was a mess. Anyway, we got our luggage and food and there was 5 minutes left to find the right busses. And so we started running again, just to find out that our busses would leave on the other side of a parking garage. And running through there was not as easy as yelling “excuse meeee!” and “Sorryyy!” to people standing at one place. In the end we made it; Sofia got to Ballinasloe and I got to Tuam.

Now it’s almost half (past) four and I’m exhausted but happy. In my opinion the weather is warm and it’s sunny at times, I mean it is Ireland so raining is a part of the deal… and the work place and co-workers seem really nice. I think we are almost finished for today and I can finally get some rest. I’ll upload some photos I took on my way to Galway once I have the energy to transfer them from my phone to computer etc.

That’s it for today, I’m off to bed. 🙂


AAA-Groupin Final days together

Hola chicos, time is running so fast in here, thats why we have not had time to write post, because days are pretty long in here and heat is not easy for Finns. Now we are spending our last days with AAA-group, because Artturi leaves back to Finland in may 21st, but Aatu and Antti are still staying here.

We have great news about our internship, because we got job offer from director of Forestal park. That tells for you,  ours Finnish workethics and motivations of the internship. We have enjoyed our time in Forestal park. Here is hot as in Finlands best days in summer, but nothing beat the real Finnish rain.

We have tried a lot to do many different activities, but always something fails and thats why we did not get chance to parafly or dive with sharks, but have seen lot of places in Mallorca. Good example is Muro, there is nothing for anybody, but maybe you can buy more muros in some market of Muro like cornflakes.

Artturi’s last feelings: Feels good to come back Finland after nice time in Mallorca. This has been awesome experience.  Artturi 1 Mallorca 0. Thanks for great spanish friends, ies bendinat, forestal park and else, who are made this internship possible.





long time no see. Ireland girl


The final weeks are exported. Here’s the deal much has had time to occur. My parents came to visit , and that’s why became a bit more extensive traveling here in Ireland.  Also, the skills demonstration is after completing through.

Here some pictures from me.

  1. Aillwee Cave view   2. Cliffs of Moher 3. Cliffs of Moher  4. Surfers  5. Typical old time house to irish people  6. Poulnabrone  7.-10. Little bit country photosIMG_5461 IMG_5528 IMG_5541 IMG_5557 IMG_5569 IMG_5594 IMG_5686 IMG_5695 IMG_5723 IMG_5733


AAA-Group in discomfort zone

Hola chicos, here we are again writing a new post. Now we have two weeks behind in our internship in forestal park. We have been very colorful two weeks, because of many basic problems and those problems are been little cultureshock for us. We have good examples, which are  broken cell phone, hand laundry and spanish and Finnish culture differences at work. It is Finnish style to tell for you bad things first. Dont worry guys, we have done lot of great things too, but i dont know is that good idea to tell for you guys what we have done.

In our last post, we didn’t have any pictures so now you get eleven. Pictures are about basic things in our works and life in Mallorca. Sorry pictures are pretty boring stuff. We hope that we get better material for examples diving with sharks, glide sail or fall tirolina head down. We will do that last one in some day( our supervisor told us).


Adios until next time!


At the moment we are in the forestal park after hotel life. Everything is ok, but in here spanish people doesn’t know, what laundry means(general manager). I am just kidding we have been great time in here forestal park and everything is just fine. I think that you want to see pictures, sorry maybe next time, because have to go sleep. We are very grateful for school of benditat for time, what we spend over there.

After couple days in forestal park we just feel great, because atmosphere in here is great and we have learned already so much important about adventure actions.

ps. We have own floor in our hostel

Adios amigos for next time with photos.