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Visiting Czech students

Our Czech group arrived to Jämsänkosken on Sunday night. The journey after all turned out to be quite long, nevetheless thanks to small funny events it was definitely not boring.

On Monday morning we got to meet our Finnish counterpart at the Electrical Engineering department. Both groups created mixed teams and started to work on their istallation assignement that was assigned by Mr. Jussi Ahonen, the teacher of the Electrical Engineering department. Monday afternoon was full of floorball when both groups created two teams. At first it was the Czech team against the Finnish team, where the Czech team in order not to take away the good luck from our national  ice-hockey team, let generously win the Finnish team. Then they created mixed teams and just enjoyed playing floorball.

I do have to emphasize that the Czech national ice hockey team beat the Finnish ice hockey team later that day.

The very next day, which means on Tuesday afternoon, both groups had a presentation in the Auditorium. The Czech group carried out a presentation about the Czech Republic.

During Wednesday and Thursday both groups were working on their installation assignement.

On Friday morning all the students went to visit Jyväsklä where they visited the Crafts and design Campus in Kangas, visited a high school in Jyväskylä and in the afternoon all of the students went sightseeing around the city.

The weekend was devoted to further exploration of Jämsänkosken and the town of Jämsä.

On Monday morning the two groups continued in working on their installation when many of the groups have actually managed to finish the manual work and started to work on creating the final bill for the work they performed. The Monday afternoon was again devoted to sport and the students played football in mixed teams.

Tuesday of our second week was spent in Tampere.  There we visited a Spy Museum where we found out about technologies that were used in espionage. Students could also try some of the techniques. In the afternoon we visited Museum Vapriikki where we saw an exhibition about the Chinese Forbidden City. Some students visited the exhibition about The Finnish Hockey Hall of Fame or Tampere 1918.

The rest of the week is going to be spent by finishing the assignement and strengthening the relationships between Czech and Finnish students.


Czechs in Finland

It has been very interesting and good for our practice. We learn a lot of new things, for example how to use program for 3D printer or how to make home instalation and another few projects. We saw how much is different school learning system in the Finland and in the Czech Republic. We saw how looks finlands kanteeen and meal there was very good. We wasnt just learning we try new sport, discgolf. And we visited a lot of destinations and cities. So our trip here was very nice and informative.

Week 6 in Ibiza

At monday we went to some tour that local students had made to us. We saw many churches and some wineyard. At work we were putting lamps in store and yesterday we went to castle of Ibiza to make some connections but it started to  rain so much we left in other place. Yesterday we had dinner with our friends from here and today i will have dinner with my workingmates.

My 5th week here in Ibiza

The beginning of the week was quite interesting, we were at Ibiza town and we had to move a distribution center (jakokeskus) of some sort a few meters  and this guy Arved that i always work with needed to cut the cables while there still was tension.

Thank god he wore protective rubber gloves because as he was cutting the cables one by one then suddenly there is this huge goddamn bang and a flash of light. There must have been some kind of short circuit going on in one of the phases because otherwise that wouldnt have happened.

Now im glad that he didnt even suggest that i would cut those cables. The scissors melted together and Arved had some burnmarks in his elbows and propably some sort of a lifelong trauma but loppu hyvin kaikkihyvin.

After that i came down with a slight fever and spent nearly rest of the week just chilling and drinking noodle soup. But somehow i recovered just in time for saturday when i promised to go out with few of the guys i met at our school visit. They showed me around the city and they also showed me this one place in Talamanca where there is a huge cliff with a great view to the ocean.

Sixth week in Ústí nad Labem

During our sixth week in Usti. I worked at quality deparment at KONE. Heikki continued to work in the maintanence. At quality deparment i was checking incoming packets for any damage and/or deformation. Also i took part in a installation test of elevator parts. During our freetime we spent time with other Erasmus students and our friends from here.

Sight of Usri from a nearby hill

Here is one of the czech foods we made with our friend.

Third week in Czech rebublic.

We were working in material management department in Kone. It was basic storage work, we got a work order from our work leader, then we searched for the items in the paper and placed them in our chart. We spent all of the free time in a students free time club Playing table football and pool.

I will add some of the pictures in next week post because i need to ask if those pictures are okay to use.