Week full of happiness!


My second last week here was pretty awesome. I had so much fun with Henna, finnish boys and new friends from here. I had chance to be broud of being Finnish, good opportunity to spend awesome days with lovely people and to see the world on my own eyes. This week was full of smiling and laughing, sometimes just because I was too tired. In a good way.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were really warm, 20°c. And so sunny, felt like summer. Work days were mostly the same. We did some decorations for winter, because Christmas is coming and lot of gift boxes and christmas edition chocolate came to store.

The weather forecast promised bad weather during the weekend, so I changed my working day Wednesday to Saturday. And on Wednesday I went to Venice, once more. From Gorizia to Venice took 2 hours by train. That day was so beautiful and I loved it, I enjoyed good food and just walked around the old city and of course did some shopping.

At Thursday we went to the Economy school of Nova Gorica. We had the chance to get to know the educationsystem and go to couple of lessons. In first lesson one of the students kept a presentation about Slovenia and after that we showed some videos about Finland and talked the differences of our countries. They were really curious about Finnish language and they even wanted us to introduce ourselves in finnish. They also wanted to learn some finnish words. We had so much fun on that lesson. Also made some new friends. One of the students asked me that what is the biggest difference I’ve noticed here and the answer was pretty clear. People, they are so open minded, kind and curious persons and it shows where ever you go here. Second class was English. We talked also about Finland and Slovenia and watched videos. Third class was about business and they kept presentations about Slovenian deserts, music, companies, places to visit etc. It was interesting to listen. In that class I would’ve wanted to talk more, because students were so nice but time run out unfortunately.

Later in that day I went to Ljubljana with my friend Neža. Ljubljana was so amazing city to visit that I’m for sure coming back sometime! My other friend Mat is studying there so he joined us when we got there. It was nice to have my own mentors with me to tell and show me the city. We went to see Ljubljana castle, The Dragon bridge, Tivoli park and all the must see in the city. It was perfect time of the year, because there were no that much of tourist anymore and the weather was colder but not cold. Here in Slovenia the weather changes so quickly. Nova gorica to Ljubljana is one hour by car and in that time the weather gets more than 5°c colder, because of the mountains, hills and the sea side.

Rest of the week was more of chilling and resting, because the weather wasn’t that nice at the end of the week. Saturday I was at work and I noticed that it was so much more hectic at the weekends. But that’s about it. These two months were really excited, every day was different. I did lot of things I thought I would never do and I exceeded myself in so many ways that I can say that I’m broud of myself. Next week is our last week here and I have to say that I’m really going to miss this place and hopefully someday I see this city and my friends here again, but till then it’s goodbye.

Loves, Julia ❤️✨