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Now in Vadsø!!


Time is running so fast that I don’t have a time even write a blog! I’m sorry that I have forget to write here allso what i have done here in Norway.

Okay where to start….

I was two weeks in Ostføld to visiting 4H. I had a wonderfull time! Most of the time I was at the office and visiting other 4H clubs. When  I was visiting at the clubs I notice how different is 4H in Norway! 😀 I don’t know how to explane the differnces but there is quite many of them. You can visit to my other blog and read there the differences because it’s hard to write it to english, I’m sorry for that! :/

I see allmost hole Ostføld because I had so nice hostfamily who take me every where even to Sweden!! 😀 In Ostføld you can’t see mountains but you see cute wooden houses and lot of country side! 🙂

Bodø was very different place than Ostføld! If you watch at the map you can see that Bodø is more north maybe middle of Norway. There was MOUNTAINS!!! BIG HUGE MOUNTAINS! I was in heaven! <3

4H work in Bodø was more focus on city farms. 4H city farms is place where is different kinds of farm animals like pigs,hens, sheep etc. In Bodø city farm there was allso bakery and they make very good bread. I stay at hostfamilies and one of the hostfamily was leader of 4h Bodø. They take very good care of me! <3

The first weekend I was sleeping out side because of the event Under øpna himmel. We stay at the beach and at the beach you can see the Lofoten islands! And of course beautiful sunset 🙂 But I didn’t  sleep well because it was so freezing cold!

In Bodø I see little bit office work but most of the time I was in meetings, visiting at clubs and helpinf at the 4H farm 🙂


Very different nature than Bodø. Here is more tuntureita than mountains. Here is not many trees. Maanday I arrive to Kirkenes and then me and Mailiz went to Palsvik. In Palsvik has a 4H farm and we help couple days at farm. Doing farm work. Now I’m in Vadsø at the 4H office. I’m sorry that I don’t have any pictures here but I write this text at the office computer and all of the pictures are in my own computer 🙁 I promise I will send here pictures later! Only pictures! 😀

Hade! Hade bra!


Hej på Norge!


Sorry because I’m writing my first text so late! But now I can tell you guys about my time  here  in Norge. I’m now place called Moss. This is little city and I work here in 4H for two weeks. I apologize that my written English is not that good but I hope you can understand something! 🙂

I have been here like now fuor days and I have worked allmost all time. That’s okay because 4h work is so different. I have been visiting in 4h clubs and working in 4h office. I live in hostfamily and they are very nice people. They take care of me and they want to show me Moss and the others citys. I work hole weekend so I have now day off and now I’m just enjoying the beuatiful wheatre! 🙂 If you like to know more of my work practising in Norway you can visit to my blog : http://ristiinrastiinnorja.blogspot.no/   🙂

But I will write here too my feelings of the trip! I will send here some photos when I can have the pictures on my computer.  🙂