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fifth week in Luua


monday to wednesday we were sawing whit chainsaw´s on finalfelling area. we fell very big trees, stamp diameter of the bigest trees are 70cm. Tuomas clim up to tree and prune it cause the felling wire must connect to tree. Thursday we destroyed beavers dam whit the iron hooks. Friday we marking harvesting area.

best regards Tuomas and Eemeli

Timbeer!!! Czech Lumberjacks are here!


Lumberjacks from Czech Republic are visiting in Jämsä College forestry School.

At the first week they have learned a lot from Finnish forestry, forest certification and manual working in forest.


Quiet, cheerful and rhytmic humming Hi, Ho, Hipiti, Ho break the silence in Leivonmäki National park when we was hiking there at Thursday.


We stoped there and listened the silence of our nature.


Saturday we visited in Jyväskylä and have a really fun day! We taked also the eletrician students with us to enjoy life in Jyväskylä. Students found also two geocatch from the Jyväskylä Ridge (Jyväskylän harju).

After walking tour and looking scenery from observation tower of Vesilinna we walked to a tasty lunch. Students and also Techers Blanka, Hana, Kari and Dormitory Supervisor Riikka eat with heartily!

Be Curious and Brave, be International!

Viděl! Kari Kytömäki, International forestry teacher

Vocational education in Hungary

Small group from Jyväskylä Educational Consortium / Jämsä Colege visited in Hungary at Budapest region 7-11.11.2015. Aim of the visit was develop Cooperation between Finnish and Hungarian schools. Finnish participants were Aino Malin, Petteri Järvinen, Ari Salmela and Kari Kytömäki.


Danube and Budapest

Monday 9.11.2015 we visited in Varga Márton Kertészeti és Földmérési Szakképző Iskola vocational School. We had a great pleasure to see teachers and students at duty on their College. Study line of the food processing industry was quite interesting! Students made traditional sausages, many different types of jams & juices, they also have own brewery and distillery.

20151109_113014                         20151109_120512

300 meters sausages per day!                        Schools own brewery!

After lunch at afternoon we visited at local Vocational school of Agriculture. Harvest season was over, but some students were training with horses (Lippizan!!!) and taking care of cattle.


Students training with Lippizan!

Tuesday was the day for horticulture, land surveying and forestry. Early on the morning we visited at Varga Márton Kertészeti és Földmérési Szakképző Iskola schools horticulture and land surveying department. We had a nice tour in small Arboretum at schools back yard. After Arboretum we cheked greenhouses. The highlight of the tour was nice Japanese garden.

20151110_100106  20151110_103101

Acacia (Robinia pseudoacacia) in Japanese Garden           Basil pots in Schools greenhouse

Afternoon it was time to visit at local Vocational School of Forestry. Forestry School is located at Piliscsaba town. Piliscsaba is part of Budapest metropolitan area, distance from Forestry School to Budapest is about 35km. Study lines in Piliscsaba Forestry School are manually logging (with chain saw), game Management and Multiple use of forests.


Cable Skidder for whole stem logging

Be Curious and Brave, be International!

Best regards: Kari Kytömäki, International forestry teacher

Adventure of Olli and Konsta in Luua Forestry The END

Hey everyone! The last week is nearly over and we didn’t really have time to do anything else other than practicing on simulators. The trip has been extremely nice, apart from some little drawbacks that we were able to handle. But no we’ll look towards the upcoming summer holiday and next falls semester. And a special thanks to all of you people who made this trip possible for us! A very VERY big thank you


Adventure of Olli and Konsta in Luua Forestry part 5

Howdy! We started this week by getting to know different lumber types and measurements and already on the next day we got back onto the forest to thinning it on harvester. There the whole week went by like flying! At first we had some little challenges, but after some practicing things started to work out and the aftermath was appealing to not only ours, but to the teachers eyes too! We still have one week to go and after that, we’ll be coming back to home!


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