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Adventure of Olli and Konsta in Luua Forestry part 4

So, it is time to tell to you, what we have done on this week.

This week was pretty much same than last week. On Monday we went to cut some big trees which was too big to harvester. Tuesday – Friday we went to forest and we thin out with chainsaws. It was rainy week over here so we didnt went to outside at all. Hopely the weekend will be more sunny! Two weeks left and we are going to drive some machines, not sure. This is pretty hard to write about this week becuase we didnt do anything interesting.

Here is some pictures what I took from Monday, Enjoy. -Olli

20150504_130143[1] A big pine has fallen.

20150504_122035[1]The stump of pine

20150424_075140[1] Area of the school.


Adventure of Olli and Konsta in Luua Forestry part 3

Well hello there. Our adventure is on half way and this week was kinda boring and we doesnt have any new pictures because the landscape wont change at all because this is so small village. Anyway I will tell now what we have done on this week so enjoy!

On Monday we met another teacher who speak Finnish very well and he is also a lumberjack. He will keep care us on next week also. We got chainsaws and we “cleaned” the sport field by cutting some bad looking trees etc. Tuesday we went forest and the weather was so bad. Raining heavily and when we went back to school, our clothes was so wet. Wednesday and Thursday we both were sick by Tuesday and Friday was a holiday (workman day)

So that was our week and I think next week will be same. Anyway I will show some pictures of this trip. -Olli

Luua 020 Going to forest.

Luua 036Olli trying to do tower from logs

Luua 079Konsta trying to do tower from logs

Luua 098We also went a local natural park in first week.


Adventure of Olli and Konsta in Luua Forestry part 2

Hello everybody! Now we have been in Luua for two weeks and everything is all right. On Monday we fixed one training machine and drove a harvester simulator. On Tuesday we went to the forest to pick up some logs and carried them back to the school. On Wednesday and Thursday we did some repairing on a Timberjack with a few Estonian boys and it’s done now! On Friday we woke up earlier than usual and went to the other side of the country into a city called Pärnu. There was a ROTTNE work show where were able to take part in! It was a very interesting day because we didn’t have any experience with that brands machines, but we liked it, and hopefully we get these machines to Finland too – Konsta


konsta and lots of oil! =D


Rottne H11c


Rottne F15c

Adventure of Olli and Konsta in Luua Forestry

Hello. We are Team Lokomo and our names are Olli and Konsta. We are first year students from Jämsänkoski Forestry school. In autumn 2014, Kari the teacher asked us to go Estonia, Luua forestry school for exchange students on 12.4.2015 – 22.5.2015. In few minutes we accepted invite and we prepared go to adventure. When time has came, we went to Estonia in monday morning on 12.4.2015.

First week in Luua.

We has arrived in Luua on monday afternoon with Kari and there was waiting one teacher from Luua Forestry school, Marko. Marko show us the most important places where we can go to first days.

We made some deals where we will go and when etc. Kari sent us to forwarder contest with others Luua Forestry students. The idea of contest was to do a tower from short logs under 10 minutes. It was pretty easy to us and we did it under six minutes. It was our first time and teacher said it went very well!

Middle of the week we went to forestskill competition. Same day in the evening was time to share rewards and we got a pouch and there was inside forestry things. End of the first week we drove harvester and cut some trees to logs.

We also went to Maamess fairs and after that we went to lunch to local restaurant BabyBack rips&BBQ which was a very nice place. There was on offer different burgers,pizzas and also juicy steaks. After lunch we came back to student dormitory and prepared go to sleep. So that was our first week and here is some pictures for this week…


Moment when we drove harvester first time!


Here is the Teacher of the year! Navigating to Luua 😀


Here we are in the Maamess, Konsta change his favorite machine brand, Swedish Rottne ( he is inside the Rottne, Olli didnt liked at all.)


Luua is a beautiful residential area : ).

Hopefully you enjoyed our blog and more pictures and text will come in next week, so dont get angry there!

-Olli and Konsta.