Final report

Those two months I spent in Slovenia thought me a lot. Lot of myself and the country. I learned to use English in my everyday life and it became routine. before I was a little shy to use my English skills. Not to forget that I learned a bit of Slovenian too, I do use those words in Finland still sometimes.. hehe.

I learned lot about Slovenian culture and habits and it was great opportunity to see and experience to live aboard. Also I learned lot about my career, I got much wider view about the world and I’m definitely going back there someday. I got new friends and discovered what I want to do in a future. Of course I had some adversities but survived about everything and those thought more than anything. I learned how to handle different situations. It wasn’t full time dancing with roses but that’s part of the journey and I can say that I grew up a lot in those months. In the end time went by really fast and it was awesome experience to look back with a smile 🙂 I loved Slovenia as an beautiful country full of amazing and kind people. I’m really grateful of this opportunity and all I want to say is if you are even thinking of going aboard for job learning, just go for it and yes, yes you can do it and it will be worth it!

With love, Julia ❤️✨