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Last day at IMORI Virág-Enteriör, Budapest

Today was my last workday and tomorrow evening I come back to Finland.
I would really spend another month here! In these four weeks I’ve seen unforgettable things, amazing people and learned a lot more about floristry and flower culture.
I’ve learned a lot of new ways of working which I can apply to my work in Finland.

I recommend working abroad to anyone who has thought about it!
In addition to travelling and seeing the world and learning new things it’s a great opportunity to network and meet top experts in the field.

So, here it is. This evening and tomorrow morning I’m going to visit my favorite shops, bars and restaurants. I will definitely return to Budapest someday, the city is lovely and there is so much to see (and the prices are student-friendly)

XOXO, Minna

Saturday’s Greetings from Budapest

Today I’ve been exploring and seeking the city. (as I always do when I’m not in work or sleeping haha!) Weather has been nice these days and trees and shrubs are in bloom.

Today here was some kind of spring festival, I saw a parade with horse carriages and people in national costumes. Also there was music performances around the city.

Budapest has many different thermal baths and today I visited in one of them, Gellért Spa. Gellért spa opened in 1918 and it’s one of the most famous thermal spa baths in Europe. There are nearly ten different baths, swimming pools, saunas and steam rooms. Water temperature in pools ranges from 33 to 40 degrees. Ticket to the spa costs 5500Ft. I feel so relaxed and comfy now!

Tomorrow I’m going to go to the hospital museum. The Hospital in the Rock Nuclear Bunker Museum is located beneath the Buda Castle Hill in caves and cellars. Museum is dedicated to a former secret emergency hospital and nuclear bunker. The history of the emergency hospital goes back to World War II.

On Wednesday I’m going to the flower market with the shop owner. The flower market is about 30 minutes drive from Budapest and I can’t even imagine how big and stunning place it is. We’ll see!


Jó napot kívánok

I can’t believe how fast the time goes here!
This is already my second week at the flower shop!


So, this is Imori Virág-Enteriör, flower shop where I work. Flower shop was established 20 years ago and in addition to owner there are 5 employees. They have lots of flowers, dishes, fabrics, decorative items, candles, teas, chocolates etc. on sale. Flower shop is open from 10AM to 9PM. Morning shift starts at 9AM and between 9-10AM, before opening the doors we take care of cut flowers.

The shop is really nice place to work and I feel comfortable to be there even when only one of the workers speaks English. I’ve been able to do all kind of daily works there and served few clients in English. I have learned a lot of new ways of working and my head explode from all the new ideas!



First week in Budapest

My first week in Budapest is over and  I’m already in love with the city!

I spent this week in school named Magyar Gyula. In Magyar Gyula you can study landscaping, gardening and floristry. School seemed nice and good place to learn even though they speak English very little. In the schoolyard they have a lot of greenhouses, small ones and few bigger ones.  So I did there some houseplant plantings and decorated wine bottles and gift boxes. I also did one bouquet and table decoration.
In here the style decorate giftboxes and bottles is quite different than in Finland. In
gift boxes and bottles they don’t use living material at all. Students don’t have much flowers for use in school, for example there were only one type of green; strelitzia leaves.


Wednesday was national holiday so I spent the day exploring the city. Lovely small cafes, restaurants, shops and bars is in every street corner! Public transport is great way to go from place to place here. Monthly pass for tram, metro and busses costs 9400HUF which is about 30€.

Tomorrow is my first day at Imori Virág-Enteriör flower shop where I’ll be working next three weeks. I heard that the shop is one of the best in Budapest! 

Day before travelling to Hungary

Tomorrow I leave Finland for four weeks. I’m going to Budapest for study one week at local florist school and three weeks I’ll be training at local flower shop. I don’t know nothing about the flower shop where I’m going for training, but I like adventures, excitement and surprises so I don’t mind! It’ll all be clear when I get to the Budapest 🙂 My flight arrives at Budapest airport at 10:50 AM, and two students are coming to pick me up from airport and take me to the dormitory. Another student promised to help me how to get to the florist school on Monday morning. How thoughtful and kind of them!

I’m so excited!

Vocational education in Hungary

Small group from Jyväskylä Educational Consortium / Jämsä Colege visited in Hungary at Budapest region 7-11.11.2015. Aim of the visit was develop Cooperation between Finnish and Hungarian schools. Finnish participants were Aino Malin, Petteri Järvinen, Ari Salmela and Kari Kytömäki.


Danube and Budapest

Monday 9.11.2015 we visited in Varga Márton Kertészeti és Földmérési Szakképző Iskola vocational School. We had a great pleasure to see teachers and students at duty on their College. Study line of the food processing industry was quite interesting! Students made traditional sausages, many different types of jams & juices, they also have own brewery and distillery.

20151109_113014                         20151109_120512

300 meters sausages per day!                        Schools own brewery!

After lunch at afternoon we visited at local Vocational school of Agriculture. Harvest season was over, but some students were training with horses (Lippizan!!!) and taking care of cattle.


Students training with Lippizan!

Tuesday was the day for horticulture, land surveying and forestry. Early on the morning we visited at Varga Márton Kertészeti és Földmérési Szakképző Iskola schools horticulture and land surveying department. We had a nice tour in small Arboretum at schools back yard. After Arboretum we cheked greenhouses. The highlight of the tour was nice Japanese garden.

20151110_100106  20151110_103101

Acacia (Robinia pseudoacacia) in Japanese Garden           Basil pots in Schools greenhouse

Afternoon it was time to visit at local Vocational School of Forestry. Forestry School is located at Piliscsaba town. Piliscsaba is part of Budapest metropolitan area, distance from Forestry School to Budapest is about 35km. Study lines in Piliscsaba Forestry School are manually logging (with chain saw), game Management and Multiple use of forests.


Cable Skidder for whole stem logging

Be Curious and Brave, be International!

Best regards: Kari Kytömäki, International forestry teacher