Jó napot kívánok

I can’t believe how fast the time goes here!
This is already my second week at the flower shop!


So, this is Imori Virág-Enteriör, flower shop where I work. Flower shop was established 20 years ago and in addition to owner there are 5 employees. They have lots of flowers, dishes, fabrics, decorative items, candles, teas, chocolates etc. on sale. Flower shop is open from 10AM to 9PM. Morning shift starts at 9AM and between 9-10AM, before opening the doors we take care of cut flowers.

The shop is really nice place to work and I feel comfortable to be there even when only one of the workers speaks English. I’ve been able to do all kind of daily works there and served few clients in English. I have learned a lot of new ways of working and my head explode from all the new ideas!