Saturday’s Greetings from Budapest

Today I’ve been exploring and seeking the city. (as I always do when I’m not in work or sleeping haha!) Weather has been nice these days and trees and shrubs are in bloom.

Today here was some kind of spring festival, I saw a parade with horse carriages and people in national costumes. Also there was music performances around the city.

Budapest has many different thermal baths and today I visited in one of them, Gellért Spa. Gellért spa opened in 1918 and it’s one of the most famous thermal spa baths in Europe. There are nearly ten different baths, swimming pools, saunas and steam rooms. Water temperature in pools ranges from 33 to 40 degrees. Ticket to the spa costs 5500Ft. I feel so relaxed and comfy now!

Tomorrow I’m going to go to the hospital museum. The Hospital in the Rock Nuclear Bunker Museum is located beneath the Buda Castle Hill in caves and cellars. Museum is dedicated to a former secret emergency hospital and nuclear bunker. The history of the emergency hospital goes back to World War II.

On Wednesday I’m going to the flower market with the shop owner. The flower market is about 30 minutes drive from Budapest and I can’t even imagine how big and stunning place it is. We’ll see!