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Final report from Ibiza

My job learning in Ibiza is over now and I’m back in school. Its weird to be here, but I love it. Whole job learning trip was amazing experience and I learnt so much in there. Apartment was good, only washing machine was weird. My working mates was all so good and everyday someone came to take me to working because it would take like more than one hour to get at office with a bus.  Only problem in there was that fact, all workers didnt speak English at all, or only little things. But i survived, because i learned some words in Spanish.

What i did in there

So I was working in company called Badi.es 9 weeks. Company makes electrical works, they put air machines, tubes for water, security cameras and Internet works. I was most of the time working in supermaket called Hiper centro. I was doing lamps in there, some sockets, pulling cables. and at my last week in there I made my skills demostration. It went good, my number was 3. Only at first working days felt so long, because they make 8 hour, but with one extra hour that you spend for eating of sleeping or what ever you want. But when i get use to it, it was totally fine.

The whole experience was great, and i’m really happy that i decided to go. And I can recommend everyone to go, Because what ever happens to you, you have people who you can contact in Finland, and in the country that you are.

Week 9 in Ibiza, last day

Today is my last day in Ibiza and tomorrow morning we have flight. This week went working normally.  I made my skills demonstration at tuesday and it went good. Today i will back my stuffs, and take last minute tan.

Photos from Platja den bossa.


Photos from Platja de Ses Selines beach.

Week 6 in Ibiza

At monday we went to some tour that local students had made to us. We saw many churches and some wineyard. At work we were putting lamps in store and yesterday we went to castle of Ibiza to make some connections but it started to  rain so much we left in other place. Yesterday we had dinner with our friends from here and today i will have dinner with my workingmates.

Week 5 in Ibiza

At monday we was going in local school and students showed us their school and some powerpoint show about ibiza. In school we had some snacks. At work we went so change lamp in restaraunt wich was nearby that famous rock Es Vedra. And yesterday and today we made TV sockets at supermarket. This weekend i will just lay under sun.

Week 3 in Ibiza

This week we  kept going to do cabel works at supermarket and we moved some internet box at the market because the boss who owns this place wanted to put there a security system. At wednesday we had day off, because here was Balearsday and every place was closed. Weather is getting here farmer everyday but somedays are still rainy because its winter time.

Week 2 in Ibiza

Everything is fine in here, working trainee place is good and workers try  they best to tell me about everything and i have learnt many new things in there. This week we were putting tubes for cables and then we pulled cables in to them. Also we istalled sockets places to be ready for couplings. Weather has been this week bad, its been raining couple days now.