My 5th week here in Ibiza

The beginning of the week was quite interesting, we were at Ibiza town and we had to move a distribution center (jakokeskus) of some sort a few meters  and this guy Arved that i always work with needed to cut the cables while there still was tension.

Thank god he wore protective rubber gloves because as he was cutting the cables one by one then suddenly there is this huge goddamn bang and a flash of light. There must have been some kind of short circuit going on in one of the phases because otherwise that wouldnt have happened.

Now im glad that he didnt even suggest that i would cut those cables. The scissors melted together and Arved had some burnmarks in his elbows and propably some sort of a lifelong trauma but loppu hyvin kaikkihyvin.

After that i came down with a slight fever and spent nearly rest of the week just chilling and drinking noodle soup. But somehow i recovered just in time for saturday when i promised to go out with few of the guys i met at our school visit. They showed me around the city and they also showed me this one place in Talamanca where there is a huge cliff with a great view to the ocean.