Many things have happened


So our school in here is over. Thank you to all students and teachers who were with us and taught new things to us <3  We went to the beach to swim and play some volley with students and it was SO fun 😛 We will miss you guys!

And we started working wednesday at Forestal Park (It was my birthday too hahah). I’m very afraid of highs and I was thinking that if this was a bad idea, but I think I’m doing well 😀 I won myself and climped up and it wasn’t so bad 😛 We still have to learn many new things, but I think that we will learn fast 🙂 Workers at Forestal Park are so nice to us <3

Another day we went to the beach with Sanna and Katja and we had a great day <3 Evening we went to watch sunset and it was SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

Aaaaaand we have been shopping, chilling and eating……and been lost a couple of times, but we have always found our way to home 😀

I really love this place and I’m happy that I came here <3 Sorry mom, but I think I’m not coming home 😛

So that’s all for now. Good night everyone!