Cyber Bullying and Smartboards




Above you see our topics for the second day. But first we played the Kahoot!-quizzes we made yesterday. Our quiz was about Finland and, not a big surprise, our teacher Morgan won. We gave him a bag of salmiakki as a prize. He then passed the bag around, and the faces of our classmates were really worth seeing…

Next we discussed the pros and cons of online applications. To record our discussion, we used popplet. The results can be seen in the picture below.


We continued with popplet to discuss cyber bullying. We shared ideas on how to instruct children and youth to be careful in the internet and to use netiquette. We also shared some links to really interesting websites on the subject:

In the afternoon, we joined a group of Turkish students attending the same kind of ICT in Education course to learn about Smartboards at a local elementary school. Unfortunately, because of the difference in the level of the two groups’ language skills, it was not very fruitful to us. Nevertheless, we got some new ideas and again some links to useful resources.

After school, we took a tram up to Prague Castle to see some of the wonderful gardens and enjoy the sights. Then we walked down to the city centre, did some shopping and had dinner. After 13 hours on our feet, we were quite ready to turn in again.