Our First Day at “School”



After breakfast, we started on foot to the course venue. First, we crossed the river Vltava which is quite near our hotel. The distance between the hotel and the course venue is, according to Mr Google, about  1,3 km, so that would have been a nice morning walk had there not been a steep hill…

Well, we found out way to “school” where we were most warmly welcomed by the staff and our teacher, Morgan, who by the way is a Fenno-enthusiast. He has been to Finland and he says that loves the peace and quiet there. There are five students in our group, they all come from different countries. There are representatives from Latvia, Italy, Slovenia and then there are us, Minna and I. The first day was a little shorter, we covered some online applications and then each of us prepared a Kahoot! -quiz that we are going to play tomorrow.

In the afternoon, we had a guided tour, on foot, in the city. Our guide was very knowledgeable and she also has been to Finland, to Helsinki. In the photos, you see some famous sights of Prague.

Minna on the Charles Bridge hoping to return to Prague.