Up, Up and Away




My colleague Minna Taipale and I have received an Erasmus+ -grant to attend a course “ICT in Education” in Prague. In Finland, the Erasmus+ -programme is administered through CIMO. CIMO is the national agency for the European Union’s education and youth programmes.

The weather on the ground was nice and sunny, but once we got off the ground, it became a bit dark and gloomy. But then, when we got high enough, the sun was naturally shining again above the clouds.  When we started our descent to the Prague airport, the sun was shining also on the ground.

Once we got to the hotel, we were so tired after havíng travelled Minna for eight and Sari for 11 hours, that all we did, was to find the nearest restaurant which was a nice Italian place. We had our dinner outside under the trees, it was such a warm night and turned in.