Webquests and Old Friends



Thursday was a really interesting day. In the morning, we studied Weebly. Weebly is

another online tool with which you can create webpages. Those pages can be e.g. “normal” webpages, a portfolio or even an online shop. Then we went on to study we


bquests and each of us had to make our own. Minna and I worked together but made our own sites. On those sites we then prepared webquests. Our webquest is about ecotourism in Himos and Jämsä region. The results of our work (still under construction) can be seen in our respective weebly-sites.

Minna’s weebly http://centralfinland.weebly.com/

Sari’s weebly http://jamsacollege.weebly.com/

WP_20160818_19_47_43_ProIn the evening we had a dinnerdate with an old friend. Does anybody recognise her? We saw Ivona and her husband. They took us to a lovely little place near the National Theatre. Some very traditional Czech dishes were served. We had a very nice dinner and a nice talk.

After dinner we walked to the oldest beer brewery and pub, the U Fleků, in town.

Actually, they do not make beer there anymore. The brewery was established in 1455, so it is more than 650 years old. Nowadays it is a pub serving their own beer, with live accordeon music in the background.

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