1st full week in Netherlands

First week in Netherlands is over and the second one is starting tomorrow.

Now something for the past week:

Monday, was the first day of  our internship in the Poppenkast. It was exciting and also hard because we didn’t understand what the kids were saying to us and we had to communicate with the gestures and expressions, it worked pretty well.

On the first day we were just standing in the “corner ” and watched what they were doing with the kids.

All of the workers were nice and friendly.We are working 4 days at week, 7h/day.

Tuesday, went the same way as monday. In the evening we went to the beach and the center of Egmond aan Zee.

Wednesday, we went to the beach with a few kids and we were there about 3h. It was so nice that one of those kids spoke good English so we talked a lot with him. That day was one of the best workdays EVER!

In the evening we went other side of the road for dinner to celebrate my nameday. I ordered salad it was good but too sweet and Jenni ordered hamburger but the steak was too raw.

Thursday, was nice. Although we were quite tired after work week.

Friday, we went to Alkmaar for cheese market (kaasmarkt- tourist event) by buss. We spent the whole day in there walking around and taking pictures.

We were hungry and we went to the restaurant to eat. We thought that we ordered something delicious but we got two BREADS (bread comes out of our ears already)! We had culture shock that Dutch people eat bread so much. They eat warm meal at 6 pm.

Saturday & Sunday,

We went to Alkmaar again. There we met our Finnish contact and spended girls night out. We found one night club and went there. That club was amazing and there were sooooo many good looking guys and the music was good also! We came back to Egmond aan Zee by taxi.

Sunday went by just relaxing and eating.

The whole week has been really hot even over 30 degrees.


Iida & Jenni


3 thoughts on “1st full week in Netherlands

  1. Hello brave girls!

    You have learned a lot off new things and manners in very short time! Sounds good 🙂 What about adult Dutch people? And which is your favorite Bread… this week 😉

    Have a good time, smileing faceses, both off you.


    1. All of the workers are so nice and kind. They said that it s good that we are asking everything, that way we could learn. There was two finnish students last year in kindergarten. 🙂

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