So I was making my internship in Spain school named Onspain at 16.3-10.5.2015. My school in Finland have contact in Spain so they help me to get this place. So after we had choose that I`am going there we made all those paper works. 

So in Spain I lived in host family in area named El Palo, its part of Malaga. My home was really near to this school where I worked. So in school they have many classrooms and also big back yard. There is many worker in this school, teachers , guides etc. but actually every worker is very talented because they all have at least 2 skills, like many of them are same time tourist guides and Spanish languages teachers or secretary and same time Flamenco dance teacher. So I were there just because the school offers also tourist tours for students so I was always working in those tours.  
So I started my works there and they gave me my 8 weeks timetable and get me know to school.  So I had many tours during this 8 weeks but I had also office works. Sometimes days took 3-4 hours and sometimes 11-12 hours but it normal in this job. In those tours I was listening and learning and if the head guide was needing some help I helped him/her.  In office I made marketing works so they put me write a diary what they can add on own web sites. At 2 last week they also gave me to job to make new tour for the company. So during my internship i saw many awesome places and get known many great human. Spanish people are very kind and they make you feel very welcome.
I also got 10 hour Spanish lessons at begin . Teacher was very talented and she really knows how to teach. I learned Spanish languages ´´key´´ words and its helps me really much because many Spanish people didnt spoke English.  So lessons was English to Spanish so i think that was much more better than Finland to Spanish because when I was learning by another language than my mother language I really needed to think what iam doing and learning.
So I think this trip gave me many things for future. Also my English skills become better and i learn lots of Spanish language. And I guess iam going to star learn Spanish language in my next school! This was very nice experience and I get known that I really want to work on abroad at future doing my guide works. I dont belong  in Finland especially at winter time.