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Clonmel, Ireland

Greetings from Ireland!

My work experience is over now.. I had my last work day on Friday, and Saturday we had my estimation conversation with my teachers and my boss, and I got the best grade which is 3 🙂 I have learn so much about working in restaurant here and I think the restaurant industry would be my second choice after tourism industry.. This has been the perfect journey for me, and it was the perfect ending for my three year education. But I still have three more days in Clonmel and Minella, and on Thursday I go to Dublin with my two workmates.. And on Friday I fly back to Finland, I can’t wait for that.. I’m gonna miss Clonmel and my friends here, but maybe someday I come back..

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Clonmel, Ireland

Hello everybody!

It’s been a while when I wrote last time.. Sorry for that..

But, 6 weeks behind, two to go! I’m not sure what my feelings are about that, I’m really really happy to go to Finland soon, but I think the time has gone too fast. I have so much to see and do and I don’t think I have time to do everything. But, I can always come to visit Ireland:)

Okay, something about my work here… I do  long days, about 8 to 10 hours usually.. And it’s really tough because I’m not used to do that long days.. And I have only worked in the kitchen, which makes it more tough and stressful, because the kitchen is really hectic and busy place to work. It was really frustrating start work in the kitchen because I thought that I’m gonna work in the reception. But now when I think it, I like work in the kitchen because  I have the best workmates ever, we have so fun together and they really makes me feel like I’m one of them.. They are so patient with me because sometimes when I try so say something and I just don’t know how to say it in english, they wait until I’m ready and they don’t laugh at me even if I say it wrong 😀

I had a day off yesterday, so me and my work buddy Sarah decided to go to Cahir, which is a little town not far away from Clonmel.. There was a castle where we went to. We got a tour in there and it was really interesting to hear about its history.. And it was a really amazing day! Really warm and the sun was shining the whole day!  Here some pictures from Cahir.

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Clonmel, Ireland

Hello from rainy Ireland!

I have been here in Clonmel now almost three weeks. In this time, I am started to feel some homesickness. I’ts so different when there is no friends to talk and no friends to go shopping or anything. And I get bored very easily, and that makes this even harder because it rains here a lot so I really don’t want to go and get wet so I have to stay indoors.. Yesterday, I went to buy some food and I almost flew with the wind. It was impossible to keep an umbrella, and shopping bag at the same time. I had to put the umbrella away, so I got soaked. Never doing it again.

Okay, my time here is not that horrible what it maybe sound like 😀 Like everyplace, Ireland has it own ups and downs. I’ts so beautiful here, and I love the smell when the rain stops, it’s so fresh. And when it’s not raining I try to be outside as much as I can, because the town looks so different when the sun is shining, like it is a whole new place.

joki River Suir

hotsku View from my window



Clonmel, Ireland

Happy Valentine’s Day from Ireland!

First week is over now, and it went well. I have worked only in the kitchen for these 7 workdays that I had, but it’s okay because i like it. We clean, do dishes and serve food to the customers. Sometimes its boring being in the kitchen, if there’s no customers and everything has been cleaned up, but it can also be almost disaster when there’s too much to do and not enough staff.. Everybody are just running back and forth and I’m there just standing because nobody has time to tell me what to do 😀

20150210_175713Clonmel Town Hall

On my day offs I’ve been walking around and exploring, and maybe get lost a little bit 🙂 But always found back. One day I climbed to the Comeragh Mountains, which are right next to the hotel. The view there was amazing, there you can see the whole town and beyond.

C360_2015-02-12-17-02-09-401 From the Comeragh Mountains



Irlantia kutsutaan usein lempinimellä Vihreä saari, ja sitä se totisesti on.

Irlanti on turvallinen matkailumaa, joka sopii niin historiasta ja kulttuurista kiinnostuneille kaupunkimatkaajille kuin luonnossa samoileville aktiivireissaajillekin. Yöelämästä ja livemusiikista nauttivat turistit ihastuvat erityisesti Dubliniin vilkkaaseen tarjontaan.


Clonmel ”Aina uskollinen”     Vaakuna

Clonmel on Tipperaryn kreivikunnan pääkaupunki Etelä-Irlannissa. Se on isoin kaupunki kunnassa.

Clonmel “Faithful Forever”

Clonmel is the county town of County Tipperary in South Ireland. It is the largest town in the county.

Hotelli Minella

Alkuperäinen rakennus on rakennettu vuonna 1863, mutta se avattiin hotelliksi vasta vuonna 1963 Nallenien toimesta.

Minella on arvosteltu Clonmelin parhaaksi hotelliksi.

Hotellissa on erinomainen vapaa-ajan keskus jossa on mm. ohjattua liikuntaa, hierontaa, kaksi uima-allasta, erilaisia saunoja sekä tenniskenttä.

Hotelli Minella sijaitsee Comeragh-vuorien ja Suir-joen välissä.

Hotel Minella 

Original house was built in 1863, and the Minella was opened as a hotel by Mr & Mrs Jack Nallen in 1963. The hotel has been reviewed as the best one in Clonmel.

Minella has an excellent leisure center where is e.g supervised exercise, massages, two swimming pools, different kinds of saunas and tennis court.

Hotel Minella Clonmel is nestled between the Comeragh Mountains and the River Suir.