Adventure of Olli and Konsta in Luua Forestry part 4

So, it is time to tell to you, what we have done on this week.

This week was pretty much same than last week. On Monday we went to cut some big trees which was too big to harvester. Tuesday – Friday we went to forest and we thin out with chainsaws. It was rainy week over here so we didnt went to outside at all. Hopely the weekend will be more sunny! Two weeks left and we are going to drive some machines, not sure. This is pretty hard to write about this week becuase we didnt do anything interesting.

Here is some pictures what I took from Monday, Enjoy. -Olli

20150504_130143[1] A big pine has fallen.

20150504_122035[1]The stump of pine

20150424_075140[1] Area of the school.