Project results

This project’s outcome is an open course that includes information on blended learning and teachers’ manuals. Teachers’ manuals explains how to use this consept in teaching.

Please get familiar with the project and read the introduction of GreenPopUp4All project.

Open course

We have developed an open course for students and for teachers as an outcome of GreenPopUp4all-project. You find there materials for learning and teaching sustainability and an entrepreneurial mindset in catering. Feel free to use tasks and other resources!

Visit the open course

(This link will take you to Gradia’s Moodle LMS. Choose “Access as a guest” after clicking the link.)

Structure of the open course

The open course has 11 modules.  Green modules includes study materials for students and orange ones are for teachers.

Start with Module 1: Blended Learning. The idea of this module is that the study materials are planned for three stages: before (lessons), during (workshop), and after (learning outcomes). The plan behind the module is that both students and teachers can use the study materials independently based on their interests and motivations and get familiar with blended learning. Read after that the teacher’s manual—the first orange module.

Modules 2 to 5 are lessons to go through with your students.

Teacher’s manuals

To support the usa of materials, we created teacher manuals. You can find the manuals in the open course, but they can be read and downloaded here as well.

Download Teachers’ manual – introduction of GreenPopUp4all project

Download Teachers’ manual – how to use the course with Moodle

Download Teachers’ manual – how to use the course without Moodle

Get the open course on your organisation’s Moodle

Please find below the mbz-file, which you can download and upload to your organisation’s Moodle LMS. You might need to contact your Moodle administrator to upload this file to your own platform.

Download GreenPopUp4all-Moodle file