GreenPopUp4All is cooperating with partners who are working locally with sustainability.

FINLAND Hotel Alba hotel with green key certificate. Their environmental policy’s aim is to raise knowledge in their customers, cooperators and staff awareness of environmental issues. Staff wish to achieve the healthy environmentally healthy goals in our daily work. Use of local products.

FINLAND Master Guild in Central Finland, Keski-Suomen Mestarikilta – local association of professionals. Cherishing master and tradesman tradition in artisan professions. Guild advances promotion and development of the professionalism of the business and the respect for the business. Members are both entrepreneurs and employees.

FINLAND Story of Järki Särki

It was 1980 when Marja and Ari studied at the University of Helsinki. Ari studied fisheries and Marja studied plant cultivation and horticulture. When they finished their studies, they decided to move to country. They bought a farm in central Finland. And so they became organic farmers. Their main concern was the care of bees and honey. They developed their own brand  Voi hyvin- organic honey.

In winter 2013 there was plenty of ice on the lake and catch of the fish was very good.  So roach fish was canned and cooked in glass jar in a home oven. Canned roach fish was distributed to friends and relatives. They began to wonder why such good fish could not be bought in a store. The shops in the area where they lived only sold Norwegian salmon, even thought the area was located by the huge Päijänne lake.

An ecological lifestyle is the basis of an organic farm. Komppa-Seppälä organic farm has it´s own solar power plat and uses renewable energy. Utilizing roach fish makes sense both in terms of human health and the well-being of waterways. Fisherman in the area make a living from the fish catches and the countryside maintains it´s vitality.

FINLAND Tavinsulka- experience in Nature. Tavisulka is located by Tuomiojärvi only 2 kilometers from centrum of Jyväskylä. In Tavinsulka there are guided programmes; SUP Yoga, paddling club, kayak paddling or you can book your own sauna time. So they have a quite range of program content.

DENMARK Dansk Tang/Danish Seaweed – a small innovative Danish company. Michelin supplier for some of the best restaurants in the world. It will be possible to visit the company and learn about seaweed. Danish Seaweed is a seaweed firm who sell seaweed and seaweed products B2B. All the seaweed their divers harvest for direct delivery or processing, are all grown wild in the ocean. The seaweed is harvested sustainable.

DENMARK NCLF, National center for local food, is a partnership between Municipalities, Regions, knowledge institutions, business support actors and professional organizations.
At the Danish Centre for Local Food, they work to collect and disseminate knowledge about the use of local food and create development and growth in society with the help of local food.

DENMARK The Slagelse magazine is created to preserve and promote in the local trade, tell the good stories and focus on local areas. The idea is that citizens and business are gathered around the events. You can read about GreenPopUp4All project and students workshop in Slagelse from magazine that has been published in Juni 2022.

DENMARK Restaurant MOTA is located in a listed building from 1915 in Grønnegårds area in the middle of Anneberg park. Mota is a Michelin restaurant and Chef Henriksen is called down-to-earth chef inspired by local ingredients. Local ceramics can be seen in the serving dishes.

DENMARK Slagelse VinKompagni ApS focus on its own import of quality wines directly from leading and small wine producers from all over the world. Customers are at  the center and they are served professionally.

SWEDEN Gäsene Mejeriförening – local producer of cheese in Ljung. Locally produced since 1931 and currently Swedent’s smallest dairy. Dairy Associaton, owned by 24 farmers and any profit goes to farmers. All their farms are located within 25 minutes from the dairy. The statues requires that all the milk will be produced in a certain area. The diary receives 86 000 litres of milk per day. All the cheeses of the diary are made in classic way, according to old recipes using modern and efficient technology. 

SWEDEN Kråkarps Gårdsmejeri – local producer of dairy products. It´s family -owned farm that has been in Borås since 1898. Since 1995 they have cultivated the fields ecologically. KRAV production started on the farm in 2009. A diary was built on the farm in 2015 and so they were able to make diary products themselves. On the farm there are 110 animals and 42 dairy cows. 30% of the milk is processed at the farm´s own dairy. Kråkarps Gårdsmejeri produces processes milk, cream, drinking yoghurt, cheesecake and cream cheese for local ICA stores. Customers can also order their products via Facebook from one of REKO- rings. 

ESTONIA Pähkla Vähi- ja Kalakasvatus OÜ is located in Saaremaa, just a few kilometers from Kuressaare in Pähkla village. Pähkla is famous for its clean water and from of the miraculous effect of Puhätun. Water there is crystal clear and fresh. This water is running to the Pähkla fish farming pools.

Pähkla crayfish and fish farm is an advanced production plant with processing lines as well as a smokehouse and refrigeration chambers. They have years of experience in fish and crayfish farming. In fish farming ponds they breed domestic rainbow trout, carp and crayfish.

ESTONIA Karmeli OÜ – Local producer of raw buckwheat, valuable cold pressed oils, versatile oilseeds and buckwheat honey. The company manufactures products that are good for people health and well-being. Their selection includes for example candy cubes from raw buckwheat, couldpressed cooking oil, hemp oil, tundra and hemp seeds, buckwheat honey. Karmeli OÜ ensure good night’s sleep with natural pillows filled with buckwheat. Company has a food label of Saaremaa – ehtne toode.

ESTONIA: Saaremaa Veski is a historical restaurant and it´s one of the oldest working restaurants in Kuressaare. The restaurant is located in a unique windmill. Saarenmaa Veski offers local selections of home-made food, drinks, and mood. The restaurant has it´s own brewery and they made draft bear and schnapps. Local berries and fruits are used as a ingredient for schnapps. The restaurants courtyard area is idyllic, offering beautiful local views. Chef of the restaurant is Alar Aksalu and he cooperates closely with local producers. Saarenmaa Veski is recommended one of the TOP 100 restaurants in Estonia.