Workshop 1 for teachers at ZBC, Denmark (week 14)

In week 14 2022 ZBC Slagelse kick started the project work by facilitating a sustainability ambassadors’ workshop for teachers and project managers from GRADIA, Finland, Borås, Sweden & Kuressaare, Estonia in the KA2 project “GreenPopUp4All”.

Sustainability consultant Martin Spuur Nielsen presented how ZBC works with sustainability as a Sustainable Development Goals School, including how to encourage and involve students and staff working with it.

As a hands-on event, the staff visited Danish Seaweed and went on a seaweed safari.
Lunch at Restaurant Mota, that focusses on high quality food based on local ingredients, e.g. the use of seaweed and herbs. The restaurant concept is simple, modern and experimental. 
Also, the Danish students cooked for the staff and presented what they learned in relations to sustainability.

At the end of the week the staff continued the work on developing online learning modules for students – focused on sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship – in order to prepare them for a mobility at ZBC in week 20, where they will work together in mixed groups and execute sustainable and innovative pop up restaurants.

Workshop 1 for students at ZBC, Denmark (week 20)

During week 20 2022 ZBC Slagelse hosted the first circle of the one-week pop-up event.
Students from Estonia, Finland, Sweden & Denmark who had already met online using Sustainability and Entrepreneurship in Catering Module. Now students gathered in their mixed groups and continued their work with development of sustainable & innovative pop up concepts, using their knowledge from online lessons before the meeting in Slagelse.

A lot of things had to be done before the invited guests were coming for the event on Thursday evening.

Students learned about sustainability & gained entrepreneurial skills in an international environment. Claus Meyer inspired our students to work as entrepreneurs, students brainstorming business ideas, creating a pop-up restaurant concept & planning a four-course menu from local produce.

4 fantastic restaurant concepts and different meals were cooked, presented and served to customers inside and outside of ZBC and judges from restaurant Mota, Danish Seaweed, Vores Magasin and National Center for Local Food evaluated the work carried out.

All groups did very well, but also, we learned in the project how to improve the next circle.