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We were in Crete Rethymnon in Ibiscos Garden family hotel doing our interhip 27.4–15.6.2014. We got the place becouse our friends were this hotel last year doing same internship. Then we took contact to our hotel manager Mr. Tassos and he was very nice and interestred to take us to his hotel. After that we made every needed papers and we apply money from school for flights, taxis etc.


In Ibiscos Garden there was two pool areas. Main pool area was located near to restaurant, hotel lobby and bar. Second pool area was in another section, and there was pool bar open everyday, small play ground and pool for little kids. We lived in that section most of the time. There was also a Ibiscos Mini Market and Bamse Club for childrens. Ibiscos Garden is a family hotel, so hotel took care that kids are enjoying their time while staying at the hotel. Everyday Bamse Bear was dancing in the restaurant and in the lobby with childrens. On Thursdays there came Magic Man to entertain the kids with a magic show and every kid loved it. He had visited Ibiscos Garden since day one with his show and sometimes he took his son with him. There was also course of greek cooking and greek language for kids. So in the hotel something for kids.


We had some problems when we came becouse it was hard to get a permit for working there. Anyway after that problem we were able to finally start our internship.


Sirke started working in reception. There Sirke learned diffrent things, for example greek booking system and how to guide new customers to their rooms. Sirke also translated feedbacks from finnish, swedish, norwegian and danks customers.

Vilma sterted working in the hotel restaurant. There Vilma served drinks and food to customers and cleaned dishes.

We both were working also sometimes in lobby bar and pool bar. There we helped to make diffrent drinks and snacks and served them. We also helped everyday customers if they had some problems or something to ask. In the hotel we had Greek night every Friday night. There was many activities, greek dance and music, great greek food and real greek feeling! We were working there every friday and those nights were really busy. We were supposed to chanced our working places but after we get used to our own places we didin’t. Kuva3

In Ibiscos garden hotel had mainly customers from scandinavian countries. It was easy becouse everybody are speaking english. And also finnish customers were very happy to find out that we are also finnish. Then we had little bit russian and locan people too. Swedish people also tought that we are speaking and maybe we are from there. 

 Ours work mates were mainly local people. We got a long with them very well. In the restaurant were working three person at the same time and in the reception there was two person. In the bar was one person named Spiros. Spiros was very good man and he became like a dad to us. We were driving around with him in the city of Rethymnon and he show many good places to us. He helped us in every problem what we had. In the reception was working girl named Eli. She was gratuated from university of Rethymnon and she was studying to be a kindergarden teacher. But now she is working temporary in Ibiscos Garden because she didin’t find any job from kindergarden because of Crete bad working situtation.


We explored Island of Crete and diffrent cities. We visited Chania. Chania was little bit disappointment for us cause we have been there once before, and we didnt saw nothing else more there. We visited in harbour and there was just too much dirty and tourists. We were also in little villages near to Chania and Rethymnon. One day we visited beautiful little Island called Santorini. It was amazing experience and really breathtaking. We travelled there by big cruising boat and it took about 2 and a half hours. It was going very fast. When we arrived to Santorini, bus was waiting for us in the little harbour. We drived up to the hills and we visited three villages in Santorini.


Guides from TUI were scandinavian of course and we got to know them better. They worked in Ibiscos Garden every day and one night we left with them and Mr. Tassos to the Old Town of Rethymno where Tassos was telling about the history of Crete. We walked through old city. 

Our english skills got better and we learned also greek language which was really helpful and local people appriciated that. Vilma learned how to work in the restaurant cause she didnt had expirience about that earlier. Sirke had expirience of working in reseption in Finland so this was diffrent and greek booking system was intresting to learn. We also learned to work better with foreigner people. We had great time and we appriciate this apportinity.