MusicXchain is a growing European network developed by six (6) education providers from five (5) European Union member states (Finland, Latvia, Germany, The Netherlands and Slovenia). These institutes offer upper secondary VET education in music (EQF4).  

MusicXchain concert 2020 (livestream) was hosted by Gradia’s world music workshop who received visitors from the MusicXchain partner schools across the Europe. The show was also a part of Gradia’s concert week

MusicXchain started as an Erasmus+ KA2 project funded by the European Union. The design of the project is based on the identified needs for development in the sector, which are also clearly defined in ‘A New Skills Agenda for Europe’ (June 2016). There is a shortage of basic, digital, transversal, and entrepreneurial skills. The agenda is based on the evidence of the existence of skills gap and mismatch across and within member states. Also, a common understanding of key competences on the job is missing. Overall, skills intelligence allowing for more informed choices is indispensable for skills policies to make a difference in addressing the extent of mismatch of supplied competences and the occurrence of gaps. All these aspects are relevant at the territorial level. In fact, the outlining of policies and/or interventions in the domains of education and training is not solely a prerogative of national governments. It also occurs at the local and regional level. Furthermore, it is at this same level that labour market needs meet the skills supply and that future trends of job opportunities as well as cooperative approaches among different stakeholders of the labour market are shaped. Therefore, MusicXchain is always looking for new members. 

This network focuses on enhancing key competences of learners in the music sector by creating new and innovative ways for cooperating and learning especially in the following areas: 

• enhancing networking and digital skills 
• fostering an entrepreneurial mindset necessary for a successful career in the creative industries. 


• a structured platform for full members for managing and coordinating the network activities  

• a public website for dissemination purposes including a calendar of mobility modules and other events offered within the network 
• a structured model for organizing learning mobility in the music sector taking into consideration the strengths and expertise of each participating institution 
• a members only online for virtual music lab activities where masterclasses, validated technique videos and e.g. career stories of alumni can be shared or music productions can be planned. 


• an exchange of knowledge, skills and experience between organizations 
• a significant increase in the number of learners in the music sector gaining an international experience through virtual communication initiatives and physical learning mobility 
• a stronger focus on fostering an entrepreneurial mindset within the staff and the learners 
• European pathways for learners 

ECVET is used to describe the knowledge, skills and competences learners can attain whilst doing a module abroad or virtual music lab activities at home. 

MusicXchain activities will help to create an awareness that internationalization provides an attractive, modern and functional context for VET curricula. 
 MusicXchain will induce the need for changes in teaching (CLILL, flipped classroom etc.) and need for professionalization of staff e.g. in the area of using digital tools. 

New partner schools

For joining our network please read “the roadmap for the new partners” section in the manual

Associated partners

Associated partners are local, regional or national stakeholders from music industries and higher education who support our school network. They help to develop upper secondary vocational education in the music sector and to strengthen the cooperation activities between training organizations and the music industries or higher education.

Functions of associated partners:

  • advising on the contents of learning modules and of contributions to the virtual music lab
  • advising on evaluation and dissemination activities and on communicating the project and its results to the target groups
  • offering staff and learners opportunities at their company or organization to show how theory learned at the college is translated into practical applications in the industry
  • offer learners opportunities to gain work experience before, during and after the college program

Current associated partners of the MusicXchain network:

  • Munich, Germany:

  • Riga, Latvia:

New associated partners

For joining our network please read the manual