Weeks 6, 7 and 8 here in Ibiza

Okay, so our last week is starting tomorrow and these last three weeks in here have been busiest so far. Now that the season is changing and all the tourists start roaming the streets in here, all the shops that have been closed for the winter are again opening their doors for the public, and as an electrician it has been busy as hell.

The work i´ve done this past week has been has been fun and at the same time a bit stressing  because of all the rush, im so tired after running from place to place and the heat is also quite overwhelming. Luckily theres always the weekends when you get to relax a little bit

We have been in many places and the local fire department was one of them, we had to install a  lot of LED-string inside the fire-equipment doors, it took nearly a week to install the LED´s to nearly all of the firetrucks










We also have had quite a few aircondition installing jobs, which are always a huge pain in the ass because you have to work on the roof and theres always so hot.  And the consumption of water has been absolutely enormous, you HAVE to drink like 3 liters of water during working hours or things are gonna go south really quickly, especially if the work you´re doing is something that requires a lot of physical strenght.

I still cant stop admiring the views everyday at work.













We have visited a lot of places during our free time and on weekends, the tourism students took us on a bus trip through the island and showed us some great little towns and we had a really nice time. This is a scenery from one of the towns (i dont remember which one)







Also they took us to visit a small church in one of the villages. This one is called Sant Ines (all of the churches are named after a saint).