Third week in Innsbruck

Guten Tag!

Mandi and Tanja were working at Nordkette and it was a little bit different kind of week this week. There were groups from kindergardens. Kids were 3-6 years old, so it was harder to communicate with them because they speak only German.

On Monday we picked children up from the kindergarden in the morning. Mandi was staying with the group and went to the cable car by bus with them. Tanja took children’s equipment to the mountain with Michael.


Mandi and Tanja helped beginners on the slopes, helped to get up and taught to do a “pizza”.


Tiia continued working in the office at Patcherkofel. She did her first bookings by herself. There has been some busy days on the slopes, so she had to take care of the office alone. Tiia likes the job because it’s suitably challenging. Customers are mainly adults and they can speak English.

We joined the sledding safari again. Customers are mostly British and they always enjoy the sledding a lot.

Our workmates mentioned about a spa called Olympisches Dorf  in Innsbruck. We decided to go there on Saturday. It was a nice place but we were surprised of one thing. Sauna is not included in price, normal ticket costs 5,50€ but if you want to go to the sauna it costs 9,90€. It is foregone conclusion that sauna is part of spa services in Finland. There were a lot of people, especially families with kids.12789873_1271339996216116_328978237_o


Today, on Sunday, Tiia and Tanja went to the city to see sightseens during Mandi was skiing. Tiia and Tanja visited in churches, park and mountain walking route. We still can’t believe how much possibilities to do and see here are in Innsbruck. 12782014_1016713275041002_165251432_n



Spring is on the way and here in the city it’s very warm weather. And the first flowers are already appeared.


We really enjoy our time here!

– Mandi, Tanja and Tiia