The fifth week in pictures, Innsbruck


This week we all worked on the slopes, Tiia and Tanja at Nordkette and Mandi at Patcherkofel. Job was the same as always.

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We also had a visitor from Finland this week. Tiias boyfriend Aleksi was here from Monday to Friday. We all drove around the city by bus and show places to him. We were also skiing in Patcherkofel.


On thursday we were eating in Indian restaurant. Food was very tasty but service was not so good… As soon we went in we noticed that waiter had bad day. He was very rude. The cardmachine was broken and he didn’t even apologied when we had to walk kind a long way to get cash from the atm.



Tanja had birthday on Friday and we celebrated it in a café.



On Friday Tiia and Aleksi visited Alpenzoo.  It’s one of the highest located zoos in Europe. There were lots of animals, for example bears, goats, different kind of birds and wisents.


The half of the on-the-job training is done! We are never going to get tired of these views:


With love,

Tiia, Tanja and Mandi