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Hola de nuevo!

I have to say i’m sorry for not writing blog for long time. It’s been really busy because i had to get the NIE number and i got a little problems with that. After NIE number i needed to get my security number so that I can work here in Spain. After all I finally got internet (today) for my laptop.

So about this and earlier week. Couple days ago i got new roommate His name is Lucas and hes from Czech. Hes 18 and he came to work in the same kitchen as I. Hes working in same place as me, so i had to teach him what i have learned. I have been doing other work when he is doing everything what i used to do. I have done everything what my teacher chef Angel tells me to do, like special salads to the buffet. Angel showed me how many clients there will be in this month. This week we have like 500 people for day. After 2 week we will have more like 900-1000 people for day so it will be busier and more work.

I have learned how to do many beautiful decorations. I have couple photos what i have done. And some of them are made by Angel  IMG_3031 IMG_3124 IMG_3127IMG_3034IMG_3126


IMG_2950And this is my funny and casual chef teacher Angel. Believe me, hes a really good teacher. 🙂


So it’s time to tell u about this week here in Menorca.

This week has been kinda same as last week but few things i would like to tell you.

I have been cutting fruits and vegetables as last week but i’m now more own initiative. This week was normal but one day was special because we had one extra buffet for 450 people. We did special salads and very beautiful decorations. Now i also have pictures!

So here is some photos about the extra buffet:IMG_2814 IMG_2819 IMG_2820IMG_2821IMG_2827


IMG_2837 IMG_2840


That was really busy day because i had to keep the other 3 buffet up.

About my day offs: I went to Cietadella for shopping and walking. I went to Cietadella’s cathedral. It was so beautiful out- and inside.

IMG_2737 IMG_2738 IMG_2736


Only internet i have in the hotel is free 30 min wifi so it’s really hard to write a blog or talk with friends sometimes. But there is one bar with free internet just 2 min walk from the hotel. The owner is so funny and kind. He has been saving my days when i needed to use internet 🙂IMG_2792 IMG_2797

Greetings from sunny Menorca.

Hello there. The First week here in Menorca, Spain. I arrived at the hotel Almirante Farragut last Sunday and the staff took me very well received. They showed me my room and i got rest of the day free so i checked the area little bit.

Monday morning i went to the kitchen and chef named David gave me my kitchen clothes and some other advises. The first days i have been helping with the salads. I’ve done many kind of salads, but mostly vegetable and fruit cutting for the buffet.

After work i have been mostly walked and circlet the area, beaches and shops.

Wednesday morning I went to police station to get my NIE number, but I need to complete an application that I can get it.