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Long time no seeeeeeee


Yeah so…. My laptop died. And now it’s back to life again! Kind of…

Time is flying when you have a good time, yeah? My time here in England is so perfect and happy and I just realized that next week I’m going back to home…..

I’ve done lot of work and when you have lot of work you work hard right? So when I work hard, I play hard. And that’s exactly what I have done!

My co-workers are really nice and I get along with them really well! I feel like at home and I’ve learned quickly how everything works. Today I got a lot of compliments from my boss because I understand and get the hang of things really quick.
My work basically has been just planting and potting. Cleaning and watering. I also managed to burn my back at work.

On weekdays after work i’ve watched netflix or strolled around town and read a book. On weekends i’ve tried Chichesteris night life and visited Bognor a lot because my friend lives in there. Next weekends plans are to go to see what Brighton looks like!
I was so worried that my english wasnt good enough here but everyone understands me really Well and I understand everyone. So sad I need to leave as soon as I feel totally comfortable here. But I will have unforgetable memories with me.



This is my favorite glasshouse <3


love, Minnameeri

Despite the sickness, I’m finally here !

Hello! It’s Minna writing here. I arrived today to Chichester. I am twenty years old horticultural student from Jämsä college.

My flight left from Finland at 8.45 local time.  I was arriving to Gatwick airport at ten o’clock. Traveling by bus and plane was easy because I slept all the time.

I was SUUPER scared to do all this alone, but everything went very well. I found easily my train to Chichester and the college was so near the train station. Last week I was in Turkey and I became very sick there. (and I’m STILL sick. ugh.) I have lost my voice and when I try to speak it sounds more like fifty years old man who has been drinking whiskey all his life….

Anyway ! I was too excited to stay at the campus so I went to the city … and OH MY IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL. I think I’m already in love this place.

chichester cathedral


I hope I will have some fun here!  Tomorrow I’ll start working at west dean gardens!

Love, Minna

Goodbye Chichester

Today it’s our last day at working in West Dean gardens. It have been nice and we have learnt a lot new things in gardening and in everyday life.

Tomorrow we are leaving early on the morning and we will get a train to London. We have booked a hotel for us so we can enjoy a day in London. Our flight leaves on Saturday at Heathrow airport around 6pm.

It’s nice to go home but we all would have loved to be here a little longer than 6 weeks. 6 weeks is a short time to get to know the town and everything around it.

We thank everyone who made this happen and we are grateful of the opportunity to get to see English way in gardening and in life.

xoxo, Finnish girls..

– Hanna, Tinja & Janita –

Second last week


Time is going very fast.  Its almost time to come back to Finland. Yesterday was really hot day. I got some sun burned on my back and it hurts “a little bit”.  Not nice at all.

This week I have done following tasks:
– Putting supporting canes to tomatoes.
– Planting basil to glasshouse.
– Sowing vegetable seeds.
– Watering.
– Attached Clematis to climb the fence.
– Packing tents from weekend’s events.
– etc.

Here is some photos what I have done:




We had a long weekend because Monday was a bank holiday. On Friday we went to Novium museum it is about history of England and Chichester.


On Saturday we travelled to Brighton again. This time we went to the Brighton pier. Sun was shining but it was windy.





Sunday we did go to West Dean college open house and Food & folk festivals at the open air museum. We did get free tickets from our work place.




– Hanna, Tinja & Janita –

Changing display

Yesterday I was making room for a new display in a glasshouse. I did this because the temperature is getting too hot for the salads. First I moved salads to one glasshouse and I kept new salads because they will be  looking nice longer.

Moved and fresh salad display.

I harvested some of the plants to the visitors centre. I throw the rest of the salads to compost and cleaned the pots. Then I raked and weeded the surface and washed the shelves.


Now it’s ready for new plants.

– Hanna, Tinja & Janita –

Some weekend plans


We made a new friend yesterday. It was a Robin (Punarinta). When we were weeding, it came to look for a worms. It came really close and was so cute!

Monday will be free because it’s bank holiday here. Here Mayday is a bank holiday and it’s always the nearest Monday.

We have made some weekend plans. Our weekend is fully booked. On Friday we are going to museum at the Chichester, The Novium.

On Saturday we are going to Brighton, again. This time to see the beach and Brighton pier. We are interested to see Brighton pier’s amusement park.

On Sunday there is Open House at the West Dean college and we are going there. We got some free tickets to attempt the open house.

On Monday our plan is to go to Portsmouth and there to the aquarium.

Here are our colleagues.blogi9

– Hanna, Tinja & Janita –