Paving in Denmark

Study trip 14.11.-25.11.2016 in Denmark, Beder

We made 2 weeks’ study trip to Denmark with 8 students and teacher Jari Järvenranta. Our destination was Jordbrugets UddannelsesCenter Århus in Beder.


Purpose of this trip was how to make paving and to use right stones to different places.
We accommodated in dormitory. There were twin rooms with showers and also comfortable shared kitchen and living room.


First week we were working with Danish students in big hall. Floor area was filled with thick sandbed (like sandbox). We were separated in groups with two Danish and two Finnish students. Danish students teached us from step to step. It was really instructive way to learn paving. They had 12 weeks’ experience about paving, but we didn´t have any experience for that and all was new for us. Mostly we used different kind of natural stones.






We made different kind of practices; example how to build the wall, arch with natural stone and also concrete paving.


We also cut stones with stone chisel and used laser for measurement


Teachers were experts and friendly, and they gave us very good advices. One of the teachers has world quiness record in paving. After we finished the first paving project we had a barbeque party


On second week we practiced how to make concrete stone paving. It was more easier that using natural stones.

One day we visited in Hoffman, Unique Garden Design and local Stark. Hoffman is a big landscape company, and they use much more equipment’s in paving work than companies in Finland. They showed us how to use paving machine .


Unique Garden Design is only company in Denmark who makes special design gardening. Quality is very high, but you have to pay for it. For example they ordered customs granite stones from China as a bespoke.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner were eaten in school canteen. The food was delicious and excellent, and special meals were noticed well. The food was just like in 5 star hotel with cheese plates, lots of different salads, fruits and fresh bread/rolls. Kitchen staff was making also morning porridge just for us. When we left the canteen, we had difficulties to put the chairs up . Also in class rooms there were same rules. In our school there is not that kind of rules. It was quite funny when the chef gave a permission to take a food, and all Danish students RUN and picked the food from the buffet table.
We had leisure time also .
Most of us visited in Aros art museum, botanical garden and Moesgård museum.



Walking on the beach was relaxing after the paving days. We also visited Århus many times with busses, because it took only 20 minutes by bus to the city. We also walked in great school area and in small Beder village. We noticed that Danish invest must more to gardening and paving that we in Finland.