Our trip to Czech Republic

So… We had a very nice trip to the Czech Republic to a city called ustí nad labem and we met so many awesome people there. It really was really an amazing and educational trip. the city of ústi was absolutely beautiful, it had some “not so good areas” but there were so many mountains that there was always a great view anywhere you looked

Prague Airport

This is us at the Prague Airport. There were 7 of us altogether. 6 students and our teacher.

There was 1 third year student and 1 ICT student with us, so not everyone were from my class


On our first night we got to our dorm, we were all really exhausted and went straight to sleep. The beds were hard and squeaky, but the pillows were as huge as the door which was nice and really helped to get you to sleep. On the next day we woke up early in the morning and went to study the area that we lived in, it was ghetto as hell but still kind of nice. Our so called “guides” from the schools that were going, warned us about the gypsy families living in the area. They told us to be careful at nights because they have always been a problem there.

The same day we met our first Czech friends Lukás and honza, they were awesome. They did everything with us and we also met other great people thanks to them. We did basicly everything with our friends. We went to the mall, bowling, mcdonalds, teahouses and everywhere. The teahouses were awesome. We were so mad about not having teahouses like those in finland. They looked like someones home from the outside but inside they were really nice and big, they had huge couches everywhere and there always smelled really nice. There was always like a group of 20 people with us in there, i mean we made so many new friends there and it was just great.


img-20161011-wa0027We also went sightseeing many times with our friends, there were a lot of sightseeing towers in ústí. Here is a picture from one of them


Of course we also went to school there. On the first week we did some basic electical installations, the same kind we did in our first year at our school. We also did some electronics and such.. the teachers didnt speak english very well but luckily we had translators from our class Jakub and Daniel.

On our second week at school we did dome pressure air systems called pneumatics and some metalwork.