One month behind in Innsbruck

Hallo und Grüße aus Österreich!

We have been here for one month now and we are still wondering where is our homesickness?!

During this week Tanja and Tiia were in Patcherkofel.

Tiia taught to Tanja how things are working in the office. Unfortunately peak season is going to abate gradually. Because of that this week has been kind of quiet. Luckily our boss Michael said that there are coming more customers next week.


At the beginning of the week Mandi was helping with the kids in Nordkette. However there wasn’t much to do so she started to do a task which Michael has given to us. We have to search travel agencies from Scandinavia where skischool could market itself for next season.

Here you can see one of the most popular sightseeings in Innsbruck. It’s called Goldenes Dachl (The golden roof). It’s located near by our apartment. The Goldenes Dachl was built for the memory of the second marriage of emperor Maximilian I. The reason was that Maximilian wanted to abrogate the rumors about the weak financial position. The roof is 16 meters wide and it’s made of 2657 coppertiles.

Mandis family were here for a winter holiday. Mandi and they spent time together. They were skiing, shopping, looking around the city and eating in nice restaurants.




Auf Wiedersehen,

Tiia, Mandi and Tanja