It’s time to come back to Finland

Now it’s over.. The atmosphere is plaintive but happy. 🙂 6 weeks is long time to be away from people you love. We are just waiting that we can hear Finnish language, get Finnish food, get to drive by car and of course meet our parents, friends, cats etc.
Our trip to Brussels on Thursday was interesting.

We didnt get to meet Anneli Jäätteenmäki because she had already left to Finland but we met her assistant, Panu Litmanen. He introduced us the whole building, for example Parliamen’s plenary hall and Anneli’s office.

There was a lot of armed soldiers everywhere in Brussels because there was some the terrorist attack in March.

On Friday we met Hans Kok for the last time. We discussed our experiences on the job. Conversation lasted half an hour. In the evening our lessor made finnish dinner for us. Macaronicasserole was really good 🙂

Now we have to go to the center of Egmond buy some souvenirs.

Our flight leave 18.50pm. Let’s see how we will survive with our suitcases.. 😀
Best Regads

Jenni & Iida