Hotel Reina Cristina, Cadiz, Spain

Only few days ago in Lahti, at The Skiing World Championship. Yesterday the flight from Helsinki-Vantaa took me to Malaga. There were only two whole days between these two internships. Maybe it was good, so I didn`t have time for retracting this. The flight was almost two hours late but I still found two Spanish gyus waiting for me at Malaga airport. They had a big white paper with my name…TIINA MARIA POUTANEN. That was the only thing we all understood. Me – no Spanish, the gyus – no English. After one hour drive we were at the hotel. The man in the reception spoke good English, yeah!! He gave me my room and told me to be at the reception the next day at twelve o`clock and ask for Juli.

Juli didn`t come but a very friendly director came. He introduced me to the staff and leave me with the waitresses. One lady spoke a little English and from that begun my practising. My first day was 12.30 – 16 and 19-23.30. During these times I was working at the lunch and the dinner. Most of the customers were at all inclusive holidays so they can come to eat all meals during the whole day. I was one of the waitresses; served drinks, wine, beer, water. Cleaning the tables and chatting with the customers. I noticed that many of them wanted to talk with me; that`s why like they said, they noticed that I`m not Spanish and wanted first to know, where I come from.

When I was at my break in the afternoon, I searched the nearest market and a bank. At my little walk I also saw the hotel and the area first time.Beautiful, old building, inside and outside very clean and comfortable.

Amazing, how the whole day went so fast and it was really interesting. Few Spanish words from my work mates…Hola! Buenas dias! Buenas tardes! If you order wine, dry is seco and sweet is dulce.

Buenas noches!