Hotel Reina Cristina, Cadiz, Spain

What a wonderful time I have had in Spain! So great working place, nice work mates, many new friends from the staff and the customers. I can never forget last month in Algeciras! The manager of the hotel wished me to come there for a holiday with my family, perhaps we´ll go there some day.

Spanish night

The work as a waitress in Reina Cristina was so pleasing for me; somehow very well-known from my working years in Finland, somehow very different from the Finnish style. The hotel and the staff took me well received and I felt more like home straight from the beginning of my practising.

My last working  evening  I arranged a little moment for them who were working with me. And believe or not I made a speech in Spanish!! The English guide Liz helped me to write it.

Wines, red, white, rose…
Working times. Read Cristina, that`s me!

This evening was my last here in my training period. I wanna thank you, all my working mates of a immemorial time. This is not a good bye, this is “see you later”!

Esta noche es mi ultimo noche trabajando con vosotros.                                                                        Quiero decir gracias a todos.                                                                                                                                No es adios, es hasta luego!

My working mate from Nigeria
Setting for the breakfast
Memorable March 2017