Guests, mämmi and happy life in Innsbruck


It has been two weeks since we have written last time. We decided not to write last week, because we didn’t have anything special to tell. This is a compilation about last two weeks.

Two weeks ago, on Sunday Mandis boyfriend Tommi came here for a visit. They were shopping, skiing and snowboarding and looking around the city.


It was kind a quiet week at work because of the Easter. There were only couple kids at group lessons. On Friday Tiia and Tanja were taking care of the Nordkettes little office because the real office worker wasn’t there.


We got traditional finnish presents from Tommi and mämmi was one of them. There is no Easter without mämmi!


Patcherkofel closed last Monday. This mountain is located so low that snow is melting earlier than other places. We still had work at there because we were preparing things for the summer. Our boss has a summer company which is operating biking tours.



On Tuesday our lovely teacher Jaana came here. We were waiting for her at the airport with cool sign.


Jaana stayed here for three nights. We showed the city for her, ate at nice restaurant, and visited at Nordkette and Patcherkofel with Michael.




We had a long weekend and we just enjoyed life. On Sunday Mandi was skiing at Stubaier Gletscher. It was an awesome place!



After one week we are already in Finland. Now we must enjoy about beautiful weather and everything else!

With love,

Tiia, Mandi and Tanja